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13 Momentous Facts about Malawi

Want to learn a little more about the countries of the world? Take a look at these fun facts about Malawi!

1. Where is Malawi?

Malawi is a long, thin landlocked country in south east Africa, and has Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique as neighbors.

2. Here’s your compass details.

Should you be lucky enough to fly your own plane into Malawi, you’ll need the coordinates 13.9500° S, 33.7000°

3. Who you gonna call… in Malawi?

To call friends or family who are lucky enough to be in Malawi, you’ll need the international dialing code, which is +265.

Facts about Malawi

Flag of Malawi

4. The terrain is varied yet lovely.

The terrain here is a narrow, elongated plateau with rolling plains, some hills and a few mountains.

5. Millions of people love Malawi!

The total land area of Malawi is 45,747 square miles (118,484 square kilometers).

Malawi’s population was 19.13 million in 2020.

6. What’s the capital of Malawi?

The capital is Lilongwe which has a population of 989,318 (2018).

7. Life expectancy is better than average in Africa.

The average life span here is 64.26 years (2020)

8. The rain only normally arrives during a certain season.

The residents of Malawi enjoy a sub-tropical climate, with a rainy season from November to May.

9. The people of Malawi are seriously friendly!

Apparently, Malawi is nicknamed ‘The warm heart of Africa’ due to its friendly population! How lovely!

kids of Malawi

10. UNESCO recognizes its water features.

Lake Malawi, which takes up a huge 11,428 square miles (29,600 square kilometers) of Malawi’s landscape, is a beautiful fresh water lake and a top destination for divers and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also alleged to contain more species of fish than any other lake in the world, many of which are showing signs of specialized evolution!

11. Do people speak English in Malawi?

Like many African countries, the official language of Malawi is English. Makes things nice and easy!

12. Head to the exchange!

To buy your delicious fish dishes and a cup of tea, ensure you don’t forget your Malawian Kwacha, the official currency here.

13. Here’s some industry facts.

Malawi grows sugarcane, cotton, tobacco and tea and rears cattle. Its industry consists of tea, sugar, tobacco and sawmill products.

Malawi also exports tobacco, sugar, cotton, tea and coffee.

Malawi landscape

FAQs about Malawi

What was Malawi named previously?

Malawi used to be called British Central Africa and also Nyasaland.

Is Malawi safe to visit?

On the whole, yes - Malawi is safe to visit - but it struggles with crime as does any other country!

What’s a popular dish in Malawi?

One of Malawi’s most popular dishes is Katchumbari - a type of delicious salad made with onions and tomatoes.

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