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9 Marvelous Facts about Mallorca

Ever wanted to make a break for the Mediterranean? There are plenty of great reasons why Mallorca remains one of the most popular vacation spots for holidaymakers all over the world. Famous for its nightlife, its traditional village scenes and its beaches, there’s more to Mallorca than meets the eye. Here are some fun facts about Mallorca to help clue you in on what to expect should you ever visit.

1. Mallorca is home to one of the biggest underground lakes on the planet.

Mallorca’s Cuevas del Drach is world-famous for its incredible cave system, which you’ll find completely below ground when visiting the island. It’s open for boat visits, meaning there’s lots of chances for you to sail across this subterranean wonder – all 115 meters (377 feet) of it!

2. Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands.

As a Balearic Island, Mallorca is probably most famous for its incredible Mediterranean climate, sandy shores, and rocky coves. Sister islands in the group include Ibiza, Formentera, and Minorca. Funnily enough, they are all hugely popular for their nightlife scenes, particularly Ibiza!

3. The Porto Pí lighthouse is one of the world’s oldest structures of its kind.

Mallorca’s Porto Pí lighthouse has stood since 1300 and is one of the three oldest functioning lighthouses on the planet. Considering there are more than 19,000 different lighthouses operating worldwide, that’s quite an achievement! You’ll find Porto Pí on Palma Harbor.

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Deià, Spain

4. Mallorca means “larger island.”

The name Mallorca derives from Latin, originally “insula maior,” which means “larger island” – referring to its sheer size compared to other islands across Spain. Interestingly, if you’ve heard of both Majorca and Mallorca, they’re two different names for the same island!

5. Mallorca experiences 300 days of sunshine every year.

Vacationers love heading to Spain and the Balearics for sunny spells abroad – and Mallorca hosts an incredible 300 days of pure sunshine each year, with coastal temperatures typically reaching 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. It’s home to some of Antoni Gaudi’s best-loved architecture.

Antoni Gaudi is widely regarded as one of the most skilled architects of his era – and while you can see much of his work and restoration over in Barcelona, you can also spy his influence in Palma Cathedral, where he helped to create the iron work. Interestingly, Gaudi only ever left Barcelona for Mallorca!

7. Honey Buzzards migrate here regularly.

The stunning Honey Buzzard famously migrates to Mallorca as part of its biannual route between Africa and Europe (and back again). They court thousands of birdwatchers each year, as it’s thought the birds use Mallorca as a stopping point mid-journey. Can you blame them?

8. Mallorcan pastries benefit from the sea air!

Mallorcan bakeries offer some seriously sweet treats, and their pastries benefit from the unique sea air – as the heat can actually help dough to start rising! In fact, it’s noted that Ensaimada pastries are extremely difficult to bake outside of Mallorca because of the air factor.

9. Visitors outnumber citizens in Mallorca almost 14 to one.

According to various figures, there are fewer than one million people living on the island, while the territory welcomes up to 14 million tourists each year. That explains why around 75% of the island’s economy relies on tourism! Most people visiting Mallorca actually hail from Europe – with German and British travelers making up the most vacation time.

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FAQs about Mallorca

Is Mallorca the same as Majorca?

Yes! Believe it or not, Mallorca and Majorca are the same island. Majorca happens to be the way it’s spelt most commonly in English, though Mallorca is the official name of the territory and should therefore be respected as the “correct” spelling!

When is the best time of year to visit Mallorca?

TMallorca gets hottest during the height of summer, where visitors can expect average daily temperatures to spike at around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If you prefer it a little cooler, temperatures in January average here at around 53.6 F.

What is Mallorca most famous for?

Beautiful Mallorca is probably most famous for its amazing caverns and coves, its sparkling beaches, clear water, tasty wineries, and its gorgeous Spanish architecture.

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