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10 Ironclad Facts about Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher is easily one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. Known for being strong-willed and highly divisive in her home nation of the UK, Thatcher was a Prime Minister no one was ever to forget in a hurry. But, whether you admired her or not, her place in history is hard to deny. With that in mind, here are some fun facts about Margaret Thatcher to help clue you in.

1. Who was Margaret Thatcher?

Margaret Thatcher famously served as the UK’s Prime Minister between the years of 1979 to 1990. She was the first-ever woman to hold the position of Prime Minister in the UK and was also the longest-serving Prime Minister of the 1900s.

2. She didn’t start out with designs on leading the country.

Margaret Thatcher was born in Grantham, England, in 1925. She then moved to Oxford, where she studied chemistry at Oxford University, before eventually entering politics.

3. Thatcher’s policies earned their own umbrella term.

Among many other things, Margaret Thatcher was particularly well known for pursuing policies of deregulation, privatization, and free-market economics. These combined came to be known as “Thatcherism.”

Margaret Thatcher

4. Thatcher (arguably) helped the UK in several ways.

Among other things, Margaret Thatcher did with her time in office, she is credited with helping to revive the British economy. Many also credited her with strengthening the country’s position on the world stage. However, her policies also led to a backlash among poorer communities in the nation.

5. Why is Margaret Thatcher such a controversial figure?

There are many reasons why Margaret Thatcher is considered to be a controversial political figure. Her introduction of the poll tax, dismantling of British manufacturing, and her expansion of the Right To Buy housing scheme (which led to increasing property rates) cut a highly unpopular figure with millions of voters. However, she remained popular, still, with many.

6. The Lady’s Not For Turning!

Whether you know much about Margaret Thatcher or not, you may have heard one of her famous soundbites! “The Lady’s Not for Turning” speech was delivered at the Conservative Party conference in 1980 and became known as her motto!

7. Would Thatcher have backed Brexit?

Quite probably. Margaret Thatcher was a strong advocate for the United Kingdom’s sovereignty. In fact, she was very publicly and openly against European integration into the European Union. She even famously stated, “I want my money back” in relation to the UK’s contribution to the EU’s budget.

8. She had a strong political relationship with Ronald Reagan.

Margaret Thatcher was known in the US for being a strong ally of the country. She worked closely with President Ronald Reagan to advance conservative policies and confront the Soviet Union during the Cold War.


9. She bowed out by the 90s.

Margaret Thatcher eventually resigned as Prime Minister in 1990 following internal rumblings within the government. She was then made a Baroness in the House of Lords.

10. Controversial in life and in death.

Margaret Thatcher passed away in 2013 at the age of 87 – and her death sparked more controversy, as some celebrated her demise – while others in the country were devastated.

Margaret Thatcher

FAQs about Margaret Thatcher

Was Margaret Thatcher the longest-serving prime minister?

No, Margaret Thatcher was not the longest-serving prime minister in the UK - in fact, that credit goes to Sir Robert Walpole.

Who replaced Margaret Thatcher?

John Major replaced Margaret Thatcher as prime minister, taking the mantle in November 1990. He’d serve just under seven years before Tony Blair’s Labour Party claimed the most seats at the 1997 general election.

Did Margaret Thatcher have children?

Yes, Margaret Thatcher had two children with her husband Denis - Mark and Carol Thatcher.

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