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11 Magical Facts about Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an icon to end all icons – we all know his ears, if nothing else! The enduring creation of Walt Disney, this animated rodent remains one of the best-loved cartoon characters of the modern age. He’s been through tons of adventures over the years – and here are some fun facts about Mickey Mouse to help celebrate his legacy.

1. When did Mickey Mouse first make his debut?

Any hardcore Disney-lover knows that Mickey Mouse first made an appearance on our screens in the Disney short Steamboat Willie. But did you know that the film was first released back in 1928?

2. The iconic white gloves!

If you ever do see Steamboat Willie, you might notice something strange about Mickey. That is, of course, that in the film, he is not wearing his signature white gloves. As it happens, they only made their first appearance back in 1929, in The Opry House. He’s barely been without them since!

3. The imagination behind Mickey Mouse was…

Mickey Mouse was created by the man himself, Walt Disney. It is believed that he first thought of our mousey friend while on a train ride from New York to Hollywood.

fun facts about Mickey Mouse

4. The man behind the mouse!

Aside from creating the character, Walt Disney also voiced Mickey Mouse in his early years. He voiced the character from 1928 to 1947. After that, Jimmy MacDonald took over the high-pitched, friendly voice.

5. Who’s Mortimer?

Believe it or not, Mickey was very nearly named Mortimer Mouse! However, thankfully, Walt Disney’s wife, Lillian, thought that Mickey would work better, and his new name is the one the company went with.

6. A mouse of many names…

Although Mickey is the name by which most of us know this plucky little mouse, his name has actually been translated in various countries around the world. For example, in Sweden, Mickey is known as Musse Pigg. He is also known as Mi Lao Shu in China and Topolino to the Italians!

7. A four-fingered mouse!

Although Mickey only having four fingers may seem a little strange, Walt Disney believed that five fingers would simply look ridiculous on a mouse! Therefore, our mouse friend only has limited digits. In fact, by only having to draw four, it is believed that the studio saved millions that a fifth finger on each hand would have taken to animate! This is a standard that’s carried on for decades – even The Simpsons only have four fingers each.

8. A mouse of few words.

As you may know, in his first few films, Mickey only makes certain noises (such as laughing and squealing). He only actually spoke for the first time in his ninth film when he finally said the famous line “Hot dogs!”

9. The Academy Award goes to…

For the creation of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney was given a special Academy Award in 1932. A well-deserved award, in our collective opinion!

Mickey Mouse Facts

10. A colorful character!

Mickey finally appears in his signature red shorts for the first time in The Band Concert in 1935. It was the first time he had ever appeared in color.

11. Mickey’s friends are almost as famous as he is.

Although Mickey is considered to be the most famous, his friends are also beloved! Minnie, his love interest, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and Daisy are all considered to be his closest friends. Pete, a brutish cat, is known for being his primary nemesis.

Interesting Mickey Mouse Facts

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FAQs about Mickey Mouse

How old is Mickey Mouse?

As of the time of writing, Mickey Mouse is officially 94 years old! Every year, fans across the globe celebrate his birthday in November.

Is Mickey Mouse the oldest cartoon?

Since Mickey Mouse is one of the oldest cartoons, many consider him to be the very first. However, Fantasmagorie, created by Émile Cohl, was created back in 1908 and is officially considered to be the very first example of hand-drawn animation. That even predates Felix the Cat!

When did Mickey and Minnie first get together?

Although many consider November 18th to be Mickey’s birthday, it also marks Minnie Mouse’s birthday! Mickey’s on-screen love interest was also created in Steamboat Willie, and the two have celebrated their birthdays together ever since!

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