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10 Magical Facts about Montserrat

Montserrat is a truly beautiful island you’ll find out in the West Indies, though the United Kingdom actually holds ownership of the state! This territory is an off-shore beauty that many people refer to as the Caribbean’s Emerald Isle. How much do you know about this gorgeous offshore paradise? Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Montserrat you may wish to remember.

1. It’s got some stunning neighbors.

Montserrat isn’t the only spectacular island spot in its local region. You’ll find it surrounded by the likes of Guadeloupe, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda. Perfect for a Caribbean tour, then!

2. Very few people live in Montserrat.

Montserrat is not only a small territory, it’s also home to very few citizens. At last count in 2020, it’s thought that only 4,992 people lived on the island. This number was more than double the size several decades ago – people fled to escape an erupting volcano.

3. It’s an impressively rugged island!

As mentioned, Montserrat is home to volcanic activity, and even a casual glance over its landscape will show you that this is an extremely hilly island! It has three main mountain regions, known as the Soufrieres, the Centrals, and the Silvers. There’s plenty of valleys here, too – called “ghauts” by citizens.

Flag of Montserrat

Flag of Montserrat

4. Ireland has close connections with Montserrat.

While Montserrat is technically a British territory, Irish culture is highly influential here. It’s thought that many citizens previously living on the island hailed from the Irish Republic, which helped the country earn its nickname “the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.”

But that’s not all! Outside of Ireland, Montserrat is the only territory to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as an official holiday. That’s March 17th, by the way!

5. Most people on the island are Christian.

Montserrat has a majority Christian population, though there are many different denominations present on the island. For example, you’ll find Anglicans, Methodists, Roman Catholics, Seventh-day Adventists, and Pentecostalists living here!

6. What do people speak in Montserrat?

The official language of Montserrat, as you may expect, is English. However, people living on the island also speak a type of creole, not unheard of in local reaches. A few people living here are of European descent, but Montserrat is predominantly black African in terms of heritage.

7. Seriously, Montserrat is absolutely tiny!

We’re not kidding when we say Montserrat is a small territory. It’s only around 102 square km or 39.4 square miles large! That’s just larger than the city of Lisbon, Portugal’s capital!

8. The capital’s changed.

The traditional capital of Montserrat was Plymouth – however, the fateful eruption that took place here in the 1990s saw this change to Brades. It’s thought that around 1,000 people call the replacement capital home, which is just under 20% of the island’s population!

9. Here’s some industry facts.

Montserrat’s main industry is tourism, though it does also make money from the production of electronics, rum, and even natural textiles. The country is also a major exporter of livestock and vegetables.

Little Bay, Montserrat

Little Bay, Montserrat

10. Hot, hot, hot!

Montserrat is a seriously humid vacation spot – it boasts a tropical climate that barely changes across the year. Better top up on sunscreen and take a portable fan just in case, then!

FAQs about Montserrat

What is Montserrat most famous for?

Montserrat is famous for its incredible climate and its surprisingly small community - though it is also well-known for its volcanoes and mountainscapes. This, unfortunately, can make the island fairly dangerous to live on.

Are Montserratians technically British citizens?

As Montserrat is a British territory, locals have the right to obtain British citizenship if they wish. However, this allowance only arose in 2002, as part of the British Overseas Territory Act. However, you can’t spend British pounds (GBP) here - the territory trades in the East Caribbean Dollar, or EC$.

Is Montserrat worth visiting?

Yes, Montserrat is worth visiting for many different reasons! People vacation here for the tropical climate and sparkling, clear waters. It’s a real hotspot for watersports, though it’s worth taking care as the island is subject to natural disasters. Travel in groups if you can!

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