interesting facts about New Delhi

14 Interesting Facts about New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital city of India, is one of the biggest and busiest communities of its kind! It’s also home to some truly fascinating facts, and some incredible history. Even if you’ve visited the city before, there may still be a few titbits that you’re yet to learn about!

Here are just a few interesting facts about New Delhi to get started.

1. There are two Delhis.

New Delhi and Delhi are actually two separate places! Delhi is a National Capital Territory, in which New Delhi is also the capital.

New Delhi is also technically one of 11 different zones within Delhi itself.

2. New Delhi really is new.

New Delhi wasn’t established until the early 20th Century! As such, it may be one of the youngest capital cities in its general region.

However, its full inauguration into cityhood wouldn’t take place until 1931.

3. It’s very important to India’s state.

India’s main government seats position here, making it an important location for political decisions.

National Flag of India

Flag of India

4. It’s an air travel capital.

The main airport in New Delhi, named after Indira Gandhi, is said to oversee more than 40 million passengers each year. To put that in to perspective, around 70 million passengers a year board planes at London Heathrow.

5. The museum here grew over the years – it’s a bit of a spinoff!

New Delhi’s National Museum actually started life as an exhibit of its own in London’s Royal Academy. In 1949, a full museum was set up with its artefacts for hosting in India itself.

6. New Delhi is truly massive.

New Delhi is in fact the biggest city of its kind to the north of India. It’s home to over 26 million people in the wider metropolitan area!

As a result, its population density is impressive. Statistics show there are around 16,000 people per square mile living here.

7. Some of the city’s architecture took inspiration from France.

Have you ever seen the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, France? You may not find it surprising to learn that it was a major inspiration for New Delhi’s famous India Gate.

8. The India Gate is a very important monument.

The India Gate is a monument in New Delhi with incredible historical importance. It was built to honor fallen Indian soldiers, including those who fought as part of the British Raj.

9. New Delhi citizens love their sport.

The city is also very much a sporting community. New Delhi once famously hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010, for example.

However, these games were hit by scandal, as allegations of corruption have prevented the city from hosting the Asian Games in recent years.

Facts about Delhi

10. India’s representation in many global concerns emanates from New Delhi.

New Delhi is the Indian regional seat for many organisations, such as UNESCO, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

11. Delhi is greener than you might think.

New Delhi stands out amongst a green backdrop – as the wider Delhi area is at least 20% forestry!

12. New Delhi itself used to be very complex.

Believe it or not, New Delhi once split into seven different areas or zones!

Interesting facts about Delhi

13. British insight helped bring the city to life.

Much of New Delhi was planned and designed by a British architect. The architect in question, Edwin Lutyens, gives his name to an alternative term for the city – Lutyens Delhi.

14. Fancy paying a visit?

New Delhi is home to some fascinating hotspots and historical landmarks, but one of the most intriguing is the International Museum of Toilets! Visitors can take a look at toilets dating back millennia – and it’s one of the largest bathroom collections on the planet.

FAQs about New Delhi

Is New Delhi a safe place to live?

Sources vary, however, studies found that many women find New Delhi to be quite unsafe to visit, so do take care.

What’s unique about New Delhi’s transport?

The New Delhi transport system is fairly unique in that it’s run entirely via compressed gas.

Who helped to establish New Delhi as a city?

Upon its ascent to city status, Britain’s King George V laid a foundation stone here in 1911.

Do you know any fun facts about New Delhi?  Share them in the comments below!

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