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10 Captivating Facts about North Carolina

The Old North State is a US territory rich in all kinds of history, and if you have trouble telling your north from your south sometimes, we’ve put together a fantastic fact file to clue you up on the very best bits. Here are some fun facts about North Carolina you’ll want to keep in mind!

1. Where is North Carolina?

North Carolina is a state situated in the southern part of the United States of America. It is surrounded by Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and the Atlantic Ocean!

2. NC’s state symbols are pretty varied!

The state symbols include the dogwood as the state flower, the cardinal as the state bird, and “The Old North State” as the state song! There is also an official state tartan, state butterfly, state saltwater fish, and state freshwater fish, among many other state symbols, so North Carolina is definitely well represented!

3. How big is North Carolina?

North Carolina covers an area of about 139,390 km2 (that’s about 53,800 square miles). This makes it the 29th biggest state of all US territories.

Facts about North Carolina

Flag of North Carolina

4. It’s showbiz, kid!

North Carolina is partly known for raising some of the world’s most famous people! Some of the biggest stars to come from North Carolina include Zach Galifianakis, Julianne Moore, Ben E. King, Nina Simone, and more!

5. Come fly with me…

The first successful powered manned flight ever took off from North Carolina! The Wright Brothers flew their airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17th, 1903. It was a 12-second flight, and it traveled 36m, with Orville Wright piloting the airplane.

6. It’s a hole-in-one!

The first mini golf course to ever open in the USA debuted right here in North Carolina, back in 1961! If you ever hear North Carolina referred to as the world’s crazy golf or mini golf capital – now you know why.

7. Is it Carolina or North Carolina?

North Carolina is the state’s official name, but some do indeed refer to it simply as Carolina. It is also known as The Old North State, the Tar Heel State, and the Land of the Sky! Pick a name… any name!

8. Tarheels?

Due to the interesting “Tar Heel State” nickname, people from North Carolina sometimes refer to themselves as being Tarheels! However, people from North Carolina are more commonly known as North Carolinians.

fun facts about north carolina

9. It’s a home run!

North Carolina is a crucial spot for baseball fans everywhere. It was here, in Fayetteville to be more specific, that Babe Ruth scored his very first home run. The incredible hit was made on March 7th, 1914.

10. That’s what I like!

And, another thing we have to thank North Carolina for is Pepsi! One of the most consumed sodas on the planet was indeed invented in North Carolina by a local pharmacist back in the 19th Century. He invented the Pepsi-Cola drink in New Bern, to be specific.

Fun Facts about North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

FAQs about North Carolina

What is North Carolina most famous for?

North Carolina is known for a great many things! Most people know the state for the Wright Brothers National Museum, the Great Smoky Mountains, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Chimney Rock, the Outer Banks, the Biltmore Estate and Gardens - the list really does go on. Most people are aware of the state thanks to its importance in baseball and flight histories.

Does North Carolina get snow?

North Carolina does get snow frequently in the mountains. Generally speaking, North Carolina gets about five inches of snow during winter. However, it is vital to remember that the snow level varies greatly in various parts of the state. If in doubt, always make sure to wrap up if you're visiting NC between December and February.

Is North Carolina a good place to live?

Generally speaking, North Carolina is seen as a good place to live! It has fantastic educational institutes and is considered to be a very family-friendly place. Of course, whether or not it is the right place for you depends on the town you choose, and your own preferences!

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