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15 Pleasing Facts About Palau

Before heading off on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday or embarking on island life, boost your local knowledge with these 15 fun facts about Palau!

1. Palau isn’t an island.

Palau is an archipelago of more than 250 islands in Oceania, located in the western Pacific Ocean.

2. Where exactly is Palau, though?

Its nearest neighbors are Northern Mariana Islands and Guam to the northeast, Federated States of Micronesia to the east, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to the south and Philippines to the west.

3. Grab the compass!

To swim or sail around these stunning islands, head for the coordinates of 7.5000° N, 134.6167° E for your very own Palauan adventure!

Flag of Palau
Flag of Palau

4. Highs and lows!

Many of the coral islands are low lying and surrounded by stunning barrier reefs, whilst the largest (and partly volcanic) island, Babelthuap, rises to a dizzying 713 feet and even boasts a rugged jungle!

5. It’s about the same size as an English county.

The total land area of Palau is 189 square miles (489 square kilometers)…that’s slightly larger than Rutland (a county in East Midlands, UK).

6. But it’s much sparser!

Palau’s population was 18,055 in 2022…that’s around half the population of Rutland!

7. What’s the capital of Palau?

The capital town is Ngerulmud, in the state of Melekeok; Melekeok covers an area of 4.2 square miles (11 square kilometers) and had a population of 299 in 2012.

8. It’s amazingly hot here!

Palauans enjoy a tropical climate with hot and humid weather, and a rainy season stretching from May to November. The average annual temperature is a delightful 80.6° F… lucky so and so’s!

9. There are wonderful natural spas here.

The Milky Way Lagoon on Koror Island is not only a majestic sight, but offers a natural spa treatment too! It is claimed that by applying the mud and silty water to your skin, you can appear up to 5 years younger!

Not only is the Milky Way Lagoon great for your skin, it’s also one of Palau’s most famous snorkeling sites and is teaming with golden jellyfish which migrate across the lake each day!

A WW2 plane scuba dive site
WW2 plane, Palau

10. What do people speak in Palau?

The official languages of Palau are English and Palauan, although Japanese is also spoken here along with 3 other local languages.

11. You might not need to change your money.

United States Dollar is the official currency here.

12. A reasonable lifespan!

The average life span of a Palauan is 69.13 years (2005).

The stunning tropical islands of Palau

13. Is Palau connected to America?

Although it is a dependency of America, Palau finally became independent in 1994 after being claimed by Spain, Germany, Japan and USA throughout its history!

14. We’ve been living here for millennia.

It is thought there have been settlements in Palau for around 3,000 years!

15. Palau’s produce is wide and varied.

Palau grows coconuts, copra (dried coconut kernels), tapioca and sweet potatoes; they also catch fish.

Its industry consists of tourism, construction, craft items and garment making.

This beautiful country exports tuna, shellfish, garments and copra.

Palau beach

FAQs about Palau

Is Palau safe to visit?

Palau is considered very safe to visit as a tourist, with crime rates being extremely low - however, as always, take caution!

Is Palau a poor country?

Palau does have poverty, however, it is one of the more prosperous of the Pacific nations, with a GDP of nearly $290 million (2017)!

Why is Palau so rich?

It’s thought to be as a result of the incredible fishing and agriculture industries here - they are booming!

Do you know any fun facts about Palau? Share them in the comments below!

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