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13 Perfect Facts about Panthers

Revered, feared – no matter what you feel about panthers, these majestic creatures deserve our respect! In this fact file, we’ll share with you some fascinating titbits about these fabulous felines and why they are worth reading more about. Here are some fun facts about panthers you may wish to remember for the next big quiz…

1. Panthers are under threat.

Panthers, regrettably, are endangered and are listed as such, in some areas across the world. They need our protection!

2. Panthers generally come out at night.

You may get lucky and catch sight of a panther during the day in captivity but in the wild they are nocturnal! In daylight hours you are most likely to catch them asleep in trees! We don’t recommend waking them…

3. Panthers are incredible physical specimens.

Panthers are built for agility and strength. They are clever, powerful hunters and can easily crush a skull in their jaws. They have excellent hearing and great eyesight, too. Climbing high in trees, they can scan an area and wait to drop on their prey or run up to around 50 miles per hour to catch it!

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4. No, really!

Panthers have been known to lift up to 50 times their own bodyweight!

5. They are multi-colored!

Panthers are often black, but albinos are white – and they also arrive in brown and yellow colors. Yellow panthers can produce both black or yellow cubs, too.

6. Panthers are prime leapers.

They are sleek and physically powerful with muscular bodies. Their front legs are a little shorter than their back legs which means they can ‘spring’ and leap easily.

Panthers can jump 25 feet and also leap from treetop to treetop, gauging perfectly the distance and – with accuracy – the position of exactly where to land.

7. Black panthers can easily hide.

Black panthers camouflage well in the undergrowth and mostly hunt at night. White panthers cannot camouflage themselves easily and are therefore not such successful hunters.

8. Panther cubs require a lot of care from the get-go.

Panther cubs are born blind and are dependent on parental care for several months. When old enough, it’s usually Mom who teaches them to hunt.

9. Sadly, panther cubs don’t tend to live for long.

Baby Panthers have a poor survival rate. Approximately 50% of them die at only a few weeks up to a few months old! Moms have to leave them to go hunting and often return to find their cubs have succumbed to other predators.

new born black panther cub

10. Panthers are voracious feeders.

Panthers are carnivores and eat a varied diet. Foods of choice include deer, monkeys, antelope, and rabbits! They will also eat dogs, pigs, and cows.

11. Name that roar!

Panthers roar and sound very similar to lions. Ancient Greeks believed that the roar of a panther could scare away dragons!

12. Panthers are very popular symbols.

In eastern countries, panthers symbolize peace. Ancient Greeks wore panther skins to symbolize strength. Panther skins were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, and many ancient Christians believed that panthers were powerful symbols of Christ.

13. Panthers can also be jaguars.

Confused? Black jaguars are actually panthers. That said, the ‘black panther’ name is used to describe any large, darker-colored cats.

yawning jaguar

FAQs about Panthers

Are panthers under threat?

Yes, panthers are on endangered lists in some areas. Panthers sometimes exceed life expectancy and have a slightly longer lifespan kept in captivity. The Florida panther, in particular, is endangered to the point where there are fewer than 200 left in the wild.

Where are panthers found?

Black panthers are generally found out east, often in tropical areas around the south and southeast of Asia. However, there are many panthers that are also found in Australia and in the US. They are known to adapt well and can survive happily in deserts, jungles, swamps, marshlands, and mountainous regions.

Are there any famous panthers?

Yes! On the big screen, anyway - of course, Black Panther is a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, portrayed by the late Chadwick Boseman. However, animation fans will also know of Bagheera, the panther that helps to raise Mowgli in The Jungle Book.

Do you know any fun facts about panthers? Share them in the comments below!

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