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17 Pukka Facts About Papua New Guinea

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world and your chances of being crowned the next pub champion? Why not start off with these 17 fun facts about Papua New Guinea!

1. Where is Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is a biologically diverse country in the southwestern Pacific.

It is only bordered by Indonesia to the West. It also has a coastline along the Bismarck Sea to the north, Solomon Sea to the east and Coral Sea to the south.

2. It’s not been independent for long!

Papua New Guinea only gained independence from Australia in 1975.

3. Here’s what you’ll need to sail to the region.

For a trek through the dense forests or a dip in the beautifully blue sea, head to Papua New Guinea for a trip like no other. Should you need them, the coordinates are 9.5000° S, 147.1167°

Flag of Papua New Guinea
Flag of Papua New Guinea

4. Who you gonna call?

The international dialing code for PNG is +675

5. It’s a pretty hilly place.

The terrain here is mostly mountainous with lovely coastal lowlands and rolling foothills.

6. It’s likely bigger than you think…

The total land area of Papua New Guinea is 178,703 square miles (462,840 square kilometers).

7. ….and possibly sparser, too!

Papua New Guinea’s population was 10,496,981 in May 2024.

8. What’s the capital of Papua New Guinea?

The capital is Port Moresby which covers an area of 92.7 square miles (240 square kilometers) and has a population of 364,125 (2011).

9. Life expectancy here is quite short.

The average life span here is 65.35 years (2021).

Pupua New Guinea fishing men at sea in a traditional boat

10. Beware the toxic birds!

Papua New Guinea is home to the Hooded Pitohui, the world’s only poisonous bird!

11. Paving’s pretty rare out here.

There are very few paved roads in Papua New Guinea; instead air travel is more popular due to the dense jungle and so there are nearly 600 runways, both paved and unpaved.

12. It’s wonderfully tropical!

A tropical climate can be enjoyed in this beautiful country with little temperature variation. There is a monsoon season in the northwest from December to March and in the southeast from May to October.

A Papua New Guinea tribesman in traditional face makeup

13. It’s a genuine weather rarity!

Papua New Guinea is one of the few places in the world where snow falls despite being near the equator!

14. It’s extremely multilingual!

There are more than 700 individual languages spoken in Papua New Guinea, however, the official languages are English, Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu.

15. Time to get that money changed up?

Papua New Guinean Kina is the official currency here.

On the beach in Papua new guinea

16. The King of England is also the King of PNG.

King Charles III is the Head of State in Papua New Guinea.

17. What’s grown and exported out here?

Papua New Guinea grows coffee, coconuts, cacao and palm kernels and rears chickens.

Its industry consists of palm oil processing, copra crushing, plywood production and wood chip production.

Papua New Guinea also exports gold, oil, logs and copper ore.

Nature park, port moresby, papua new guinea

FAQs about Papua New Guinea

Which country does Papua New Guinea belong to?

PNG used to belong to Australia, however, it is its own state - though it remains part of the Commonwealth.

Is cannibalism practiced in Papua New Guinea?

Some tribes in Papua New Guinea practice cannibalism as part of ritual, though the practice is becoming much less common.

What is the main religion in Papua New Guinea?

The main religion in Papua New Guinea is Christianity - around 95% of the population worship this way.

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