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16 Pleasing Facts About The Philippines

Looking to boost your local knowledge about this fabulous country and increase your chances of winning the next geography quiz? Take a look at these 16 fun facts about the Philippines!

1. The Philippines is one entity!

The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,100 islands in Southeast Asia. Its nearest neighbors are China to the northwest, Taiwan to the north, South Korea and Japan to the northeast, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and Palau to the east, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to the south, Malaysia and Singapore to the southwest and Vietnam to the west.

2. The Philippines are easy to look for.

To dip your toes in the crystal clear waters that lap upon the stunning sandy beaches of the Philippines, head for the coordinates of 13.0000° N, 122.0000°

3. There are plenty of peaks in The Philippines.

The terrain here is mostly mountainous, contrasted by coastal lowlands that range from narrow to extensive in size.

The Philippines Flag

The Philippines Flag

4. The Philippines has a healthy land mass.

The total land area of the Philippines is 115,831 square miles (300,000 square kilometers) – that’s around the same size as Italy.

5. The Philippines are densely packed.

The Philippines’ population was 113.9 million in 2021 – that’s about twice the population of Italy! Residents here are known as Filipinos.

6. The capital is absolutely crammed!

The capital is Manila; it covers an area of 15 square miles (39 square kilometers) and had a population of 13,923,452 in 2020 – that makes it the most densely populated city in the world.

In fact, the Philippines are home to the three most densely populated cities in the world; they are Manila, Pateros and Caloocan, respectively.

7. The Philippines have two wet seasons.

Filipinos enjoy a tropical marine climate with a northeast monsoon season from November to April and a southwest monsoon season from May to October.

8. There are many, many species in The Philippines.

The Philippines is one of the world’s 17 ‘megadiverse’ countries!

It also has one of the highest rates of animal species discovery, with 16 new species of mammal discovered in just the last 10 years!

9. There are plenty of unique Philippines species.

One of the species endemic to the Philippines is the Philippines Eagle, which with a typical length of 2ft 10in to 3ft 1in, is one of the largest eagles in the world!

The Philippines Eagle also happens to be the national bird of the Philippines.

Harbour Square, Manila, Philippines

Harbor Square, Manila, Philippines

10. You’ll find skunks in The Philippines.

The beautiful nation is also one of only 3 countries (including America and Indonesia) where the Skunk is an inhabitant, although in the Philippines it’s known as the Stink Badger!

11. Shopping is a BIG deal in The Philippines.

If you love a bit of shopping, you’ll be excited to hear that 3 of the world’s 10 largest shopping malls are in the Philippines!

12. The Philippines’ topography can be bizarre.

Geology fans amongst you will be fascinated by the Taal Volcano, which is a volcano within a lake, within a volcano – mind-boggling!

El Nido, Philippines

El Nido, Philippines

13. English is widely spoken in The Philippines.

The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English; there are also 8 other major dialects spoken here.

14. The Philippines have their own currency.

The Philippine Peso is the official currency here.

15. Life is long and interesting here!

A Filipinos’ life expectancy is an average of 72.12 years (2021).

interesting facts about the philippines

16. The Philippines has a versatile export scene.

The Philippines grows rice, corn, coconuts and sugarcane; they also rear pigs and catch fish.

Its industry consists of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles and wood products.

This country exports electronic equipment, machinery and transport equipment, coconut products and garments.

FAQs about the Philippines

Are the Philippines safe to visit?

Unfortunately, the Philippines have ranked low on safety lists over the years - mainly because violent crime in the region appears to be rising.

What makes for a typical breakfast in the Philippines?

Breakfasts in the Philippines tend to comprise of eggs and rice - nice and easy!

Do people use cutlery in the Philippines?

Much of the time, people in the Philippines use their hands to eat - it’s easier than fiddling around with knives and forks!

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