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18 Pukka Facts about Puerto Rico

Want to learn a little more about the countries of the world? Take a look at these fun facts about Puerto Rico!

1. Where is Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and lies east of the Dominican Republic and to the west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

2. It might be larger than you think.

It has a total area of 3,508 miles square (9,104 square kilometers).

3. What’s the capital of Puerto Rico?

The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

Flag of Puerto Rico

Flag of Puerto Rico

4. People in Puerto Rico are polyglots.

The official languages are English and Spanish.

5. Here’s how to get there.

For the sailors amongst us, the geographic coordinates are 18°15’N, 66°30’W.

6. It’s wonderful for sunbathers.

It has a coastline that is 270 miles (501 kilometers) long. Imagine all of the amazing beaches…

7. The sun shines bright all year round.

Puerto Rico has a tropical climate, with an average year-round temperature of 26.7 °C (80 °F). Not jealous…

8. Millions of people call Puerto Rico home.

In 2020 the population here was 3.194 million.

9. What’s the time?

The time zone is the Atlantic Standard (AST).

Puerto Rican landscape

10. There might not be the need for you to change your money.

The currency here is the US Dollar.

11. National holidays loom large in November.

November 19th is acknowledged as a national holiday and is known to be the date of the discovery of Puerto Rico.

12. A stunning claim to fame!

There have been five Miss Universes’ who have come from Puerto Rico! Good looks and sunshine…

Dayanara Torres

Dayanara Torres

13. Americans can come and go freely.

Puerto Rico is a US territory so the free movement of people and merchandise is permitted. This means if you’re a US citizen you won’t need a passport, but some valid ID would be beneficial!

14. It’s a surfer’s idea of heaven.

If you’re into surfing, Rincon, on the ‘wild west coast’ is the place to head because apparently is has some of the best surfing and diving in the Caribbean. In fact, the fourth world surfing championships were held in Rincon in 1968 and ever since it’s been a surfer’s haven. Even if you’ve never surfed before, you can have some lessons at the surf school!

15. Scuba divers love Puerto Rico, too.

If you enjoy scuba diving, head to La Pared, where you could get the chance to mingle and make friends with manatees as you explore the beautiful crystal clear water.

Puerto Rico is home to world’s largest telescope, the Arecibo Observatory.

Surfing in Puerto Rico

16. Caving is a big deal here, too.

There are over 200 caves to explore in Puerto Rico’s Rio Camuy’s Cave Park.

17. Coffee lovers unite!

It has some of the best coffee in the world, including Yaucono, Alto Grande, El Lareño and Cafe Rico. Delicious!

18. Here’s how you can call Puerto Rico.

The international dialing code for Puerto Rico is +1787.

FAQs about Puerto Rico

Is Puerto Rico part of the US?

Technically, Puerto Ricans are US citizens - however, they lack certain voting rights as the country is not a state.

Is it safe to visit Puerto Rico?

On the whole, Puerto Rico is very safe - though the main problems arising here come from natural disasters.

Is it expensive to visit Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico can be fairly expensive compared to other territories you may want to visit on vacation - save up accordingly!

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