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23 Fun Facts about Republic of Congo

Rich in natural resources, the sub-saharan country, the Republic of Congo is located in mid-west central Africa and boasts one of the worlds most pristine rainforests.

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world? Take a look at these 23 fun facts about the Republic of Congo!

Geographical stats…

  1. Congo is also known as Republic of the Congo, Congo Republic, West Congo and Congo-Brazzaville!
  2. Congo is a small country in Central Africa.
  3. It is bordered by Cameroon and Central African Republic to the north, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the east, Angola to the south and Gabon to the west. It also has a coastline along the South Atlantic Ocean to the southwest.
  4. If you’re looking to head off and explore the Congo rainforest, head for the coordinates 1.0000° S, 15.0000° E for the adventure of a lifetime!
  5. The terrain here is dominated by plains and basins, with a virtually uninhabited jungle in the north.
Facts about Congo

Flag of Congo

  1. The total land area of Congo is 132,047 square miles (342,000 square kilometres)…
  2. …that’s slightly larger than Italy.
  3. Congo’s population was 5.244 million in 2018…
  4. …that’s less than 1/10 of the Italian population!
  5. Residents here are known as Congolese!
  6. The capital is Brazzaville; it covers an area of 38.6 square miles (100 square kilometres) and had a population of 1.696 million in 2015.
facts about congo

Bonobo Primate, Congo

  1. Congolese people enjoy a tropical climate with a rainy season from March to June.
  2. The Congo River that flows through Congo is the deepest river at an amazing 220m deep, and the second largest river in the world by discharge (41,000 cubic metres per second!).
  3. There are several species of wildlife endemic to Congo including the Bonobo, the closest relative to humans!

Social intricacies

  1. The official language of Congo is French, although Lingala and Monokutuba are also spoken here.
  2. Like many central African nations, the official currency of Congo is the Central Africa Franc (CFA).
  3. The average life span here is 63.95 years (2017).
fun facts about congo

Mountain Gorilla, Virunga, Congo

  1. The Congo Basin rainforest is the world’s second largest rainforest, spanning Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon!
  2. There are around 10,000 species of tropical plant in the Congo Basin and many wild animals, including Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and forest Elephants!
  3. The most famous Congo rainforest tribe is the Pygmy tribe. The average Pygmy man is around 4ft 10in tall, whilst the average woman is around 4ft 1in tall!

Industry insights…

  1. This diverse country grows cassava (tapioca), rice, sugar and corn; they also produce forest products.
  2. Its industry consists of petroleum extraction, lumber, cement, brewing, sugar, soap and palm oil.
  3. The Republic of Congo exports lumber, petroleum, sugar, cacao and plywood.

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