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🇨🇬 12 Fun Facts about Republic of the Congo

The Republic of The Congo is one of the most stunning countries in the world with its incredible wildlife, rich history, and stunning landscapes. As a former French colony, you can still find some of the French culture there (including the language), but the people of Congo have regained their independence, and many of their native traditions. Here are some fun facts about the Republic of The Congo you’ll want to remember.

1. It’s a place of many names.

As you may know, the Republic of the Congo is also commonly known just as Congo. But, did you know it also has other names? The country also commonly goes by the Congo Republic, Congo-Brazzaville, and just West Congo. No matter what you may call it, it’s still the same place.

2. Congo, Polo!

If you’re looking for Congo, then look towards the center of Africa. It is surrounded by the Central African Republic, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, and Angola! That’s plenty of neighbors.

3. A lot of land!

Given that it is surrounded by so many different countries, you may be surprised to know that Congo is actually fairly sizable on its own! The land area of the country is 132,000 square miles, making it even bigger than Italy!

Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo

4. Big country… small population!

Despite its size, The Republic of The Congo doesn’t actually have many people living there! In fact, as of 2022, there are just over 5.6 million people resident. This makes it only the 36th most inhabited country in Africa.

5. Who are Congo’s natives?

The people of Congo, as few as they may be, are known as the Congolese. The official language of the area is still French, however, many of the people also speak Lingala, Tshiluba, Swahili, and Kituba.

6. What is Brazzaville?

The capital of Congo is Brazzaville. It is 38.6 square miles large, and, as of 2015, had 1.696 million people living there.

7. A river runs through it!

The Congo River holds an impressive world record! At 220m deep, it is officially the deepest river in the world! It runs for 4700 km, making it the sixth longest river in the world. Who knows what animals lie within the deepest reaches? Speaking of animals…

8. It’s a wildlife paradise!

Many animals are native to the Republic of The Congo. You’ll find mountain gorillas, bonobos, forest elephants, and chimpanzees, among many other species – it’s a wonderful spot for a safari or two.

9. Money, money, money!

If you plan on visiting the Republic of the Congo, then remember to change your money! The official currency here is the Central Africa Franc (CFA).

Central African Franc

10. It’s raining forests!

The Congo Basin rainforest is massive! In fact, it is the second biggest rainforest in the world, just behind the Amazon!

11. It’s rich in tribal land.

The Congo rainforest is home to the Pygmy tribe. It is believed that there are between 250,000 and 600,000 Pygmy natives currently living there – but no one really knows for sure.

12. A fruitful expanse!

Congo is known in part for its rich exports. It grows tapioca, sugar, rice, corn, and more! Its main industries include lumber, brewing, sugar, palm oil, soap, cement, and petroleum extraction.

Facts about Congo

Flag of Republic of the Congo

FAQs about Republic of the Congo

What is Republic of the Congo known for?

The Republic of The Congo is known for its high canopies of rainforest, incredible wildlife, and broad array of exports. It also has a very rich history, and culture.

What is the climate like in The Republic of The Congo?

Congo has a tropical climate, and their rainy season runs from March to June.

Is there more than one Congo?

There are indeed two Congos, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It can be easy to confuse the two, so always look for the extra ‘Democratic’ to be sure!

There are two Congos because, when they both became independent back in 1960, the former French colony became Congo, or the Republic of Congo. On the other hand, the former Belgian colony became the Democratic Republic of Congo. The difference is one was French, and the other was Belgian!

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