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13 Regal Facts About Rome

Rome is – of course – one of the most historically important cities in Europe, if not the world. Once the base of the all-conquering Roman Empire, the capital city of Italy has grown to be a tourist destination that holds just as much historic interest as it does opportunities for rest and relaxation.

But how much do you actually know about Rome as a city? Planning a trip soon? It’s time to read up on a few fun facts about Rome before you go, and luckily, we’re here to help in that regard.

  1. Rome is, of course, the epicentre of what was once one of the biggest empires in known history. Its name, even, refers to its importance. It’s known as ‘Caput Mundi’ to some, which is Latin for ‘The Capital of The World’.
  2. Rome is amazingly cat-friendly. So much so, it seems, that there is actually a law which enables felines to roam Rome wherever and however they wish.
  3. Rome is a hugely religious city, and you will find hundreds of churches lining the streets.
interesting facts about Rome

Tempio del Divo Claudio, Roma, Italy

  1. The city is perhaps younger than you might give it credit for being. It’s been a part of the map since 753 BC.
  2. Rome has, of course, seen its fair share of drama over the years. As legend tells it, the city burned to the ground in ancient times while the Emperor Nero played the fiddle!
  3. Rome is also a city full of fountains. As well as being home to the world-famous Trevi, there are hundreds more water features scattered across the city.
  1. The Trevi Fountain (main image above) is one of the most popular landmarks in the city. It’s here where people toss coins for good luck and prosperity. But what actually happens to all the coins at the end of the day? It’s donated to charity – and you’ll likely find up to 3,000 EUR in the bottom of the fountain every 24 hours!
  2. If you think Rome is a pretty packed city today, in ancient times, it was said to be home to around six times more people!
  3. In ancient times, Romans would divide their days into two lots of 12. Who can imagine getting a day’s worth of work done in that space of time?

facts about Rome

  1. Vatican City may be its own nation and entity – and home to the Pope – but it is enclaved within Rome as a city.
  2. Rome didn’t always hold capital city status – despite its immense importance in history! This honor once belonged to Florence, and it’s only been the capital of Italy since the late 17th Century.
  3. Rome is, naturally, famous for its roads. After all, the citizens here built them first! The Romans helped to build over 5,000 miles of roadways by the year 600 AD.
  4. While there are of course plenty of exhibits and museums dedicated to the incredible history of the city, you’ll also find that there is a full museum dedicated to pasta – and honestly, where better to host it?

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