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12 Sassy Facts About Snakes

Everyone has a different opinion on these beautiful creatures (or slippery customers if that’s how you see them) but there’s a whole host of interesting facts few people know about snakes. That is until now! Take a look at the following 2-minute read to see what we’re talking about.

1. Great for snake haters!

Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand and the North and South Poles are the only places in the world that snakes have never been found.

2. Keep your fangs to yourself!

There’s 725 species of venomous snakes in the world. 250 of them will kill a fully grown man with a single bite.

Rattlesnake rattle

Rattlesnake rattle

3. Snakes used to have legs!

They evolved from a four-legged reptile. It’s thought that it looked like a lizard and used to burrow to find food.

4. Don’t believe us?

If you look closely you’ll see that pythons and boa constrictors actually have the remnants of hind legs.

King Cobra snake

King Cobra

5. Fearing snakes is pretty common.

1/3 of all adults suffer from ophiophobia: the fear of snakes. It’s also known as herpetophobia.

6. You wouldn’t want one in your flowerpots…

The Flowerpot snake is the most common snake in the world.

7. You can’t miss these snakes!

Anacondas weigh upwards of 600 lb, making them the heaviest in the world.

8. Deadlier than your average slow worm…

The Inland Taipan is widely regarded as the most venomous snake in the world.  It’s habitat is the dry soils of Eastern Northern and Southern Australia.

Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan

9. Better keep your distance…

The Inland Taipan carries enough venom to kill 80 fully grown men at the same time!  However, only a handful of people have ever been bitten and lucky for them, the anti-venom was close by.  No one on record has died because of an Inland Taipan bite.

10. Anacondas have insane appetites.

They’ve been seen eating Jaguars whole!

11. They’re a truly ‘women first’ species.

Oddly there are no males, which means they can reproduce by themselves at will.

Tree snake

Tree snake

12. Fangs for nothing!

The Black Mamba has the most advanced venom system known to man, allowing it to strike 12 times in seconds.

FAQs about Snakes

Which animals are afraid of snakes?

Not just humans - it’s coyotes, raccoons, and other snakes, too - they can be seriously creepy!

Are snakes afraid of humans?

Yes - or, at the very least, they are very wary about you - they’ll normally only attack if they think you’re going to hurt them first.

Do snakes hate certain smells?

Yes - ammonia odors, which you will normally find in cleaning products and bleach, utterly repel snakes.

Do you know any fun facts about snakes? Share them in the comments below!

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