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16 Tantalising Facts about Taiwan

Learn some interesting facts about the countries of the world, impress your friends and increase your chances at the next pub quiz with these 16 fun facts about Taiwan!

1. Where is Taiwan?

Taiwan is a small island nation in East Asia.

Its nearest countries are China to the west and north-west, South Korea and Japan to the north-east, the Philippines to the south and Vietnam to the south-west.

2. Its status is up in the air.

Taiwan is considered by some countries as an independent nation, and by others, a territory of China. Rather peculiar!

3. It’s easy to call Taiwan.

Want to call your family or friends in Taiwan? You’ll need to use the international dialing code +886

Flag of Taiwan

Flag of Taiwan

4. Here’s how to get to it via compass.

The coordinates for Taiwan are 23.5000° N, 121.0000°

5. It has its ups and downs!

The terrain here is mostly rugged mountains in the east and center, with flat/rolling plains in the west.

6. It’s fairly small!

The total land area of Taiwan is 13,974 square miles (36,193 square kilometers).

7. But millions call Taiwan home!

Taiwan’s population was 23.57 million in 2020.

8. What’s the capital of Taiwan?

The capital is Taipei City (not to be confused with New Taipei City which surrounds it) which covers an area of 104.9 square miles (271.7 square kilometers) and has a population of 2.646 million (2019).

9. Life expectancy here is amazing.

The average life span here is 80.4 years (2018). 77.2 years for men and 83.7 years for women.

Raohe Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan

10. The school system is odd, but practical.

In Taiwanese schools, the teachers move from class to class rather than the students to stop lingering in hallways and reduce time!

11. Bridal colors differ here.

Unlike in the west, where brides wear white and funeral goers wear black, in Taiwan white is historically worn to a funeral and red at a wedding, although this is slowly changing as the country becomes more westernized.

12. Bring on the monsoon!

The residents of Taiwan enjoy a tropical marine climate, with a monsoon season from June to August.

Kaohsiung Temple, Taiwan

Kaohsiung Temple, Taiwan

13. They love a game of bases!

Interestingly, baseball is the national sport of Taiwan!

14. Want to learn the lingo?

The official language of Taiwan is Standard Mandarin.

15. Get changing that cash!

New Taiwan Dollar is the official currency here, make sure you take some with you to purchase your Bubble Tea!

Small inner city road in Taipei with a moped riding it

Taipei, Taiwan

16. Here’s some interesting facts about what Taiwan produces.

Taiwan grows rice, vegetables, fruit, flowers and tea, rears pigs and poultry and catches fish.

Its industry consists of electronics, communications and IT products, chemicals, textiles, petroleum refining, iron and steel, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, cement, food processing, machinery and consumer products – quite a broad spectrum!

Taiwan also exports petrochemicals, ships, automotive parts, electronics, steel, plastics, computers and wireless communication equipment.

FAQs about Taiwan

Is Taiwan safe to visit?

Generally, yes - Taiwan is pretty safe to vacation in, however, do always make sure to look after your belongings!

What’s considered rude in Taiwan?

You should never point with an index finger! It’s also rude to wink, so don’t give someone a cheeky look!

What are the main religions in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s predominant religions are Buddhism and Taoism.

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