Facts about Taurus

11 Truthful Facts about Taurus

Stubborn yet kind, bullish yet protective, anyone born between the 20th April and 20th May is a Taurus, or the bull, according to the Western Zodiac. Tauruses are Earth signs, which makes them pretty grounded – and while they’re pretty ambitious and reliable, they tend to wallow a little sometimes. Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Taurus to help clue you in.

1. It’s an honor to be a part of a Taurus’s life.

I’m not just saying that as a Taurean writer here – Tauruses tend to keep things close to their chests and will take time to get to know you before they fully open up. When they do, you know you’ve gone far to gain their trust.

2. Tauruses are pretty patient.

By return, a Taurus is a friend and a partner who’s likely to sit patiently and listen to what you have to say. They care deeply and can be trusted to have your back.

3. Tauruses don’t handle anger well.

For all a Taurus is usually fairly placid on the outside, pushing their patience can result in explosive anger. They take a lot to calm down, much like the bull!


4. They can feel personally attacked even when you don’t mean to hurt them.

Many Tauruses have to learn how to temper their reactions to criticism as they grow into adults. They’re not too fond of receiving criticism, and might even see constructive advice as attacks on their character. They think and feel deeper than most other star signs.

5. Tauruses are motivated by food.

Many Tauruses are highly sensitive not only to criticism, but in general! In particular, some of the best chefs and restauranteurs are Tauruses, mainly because they have a deep connection with taste and food.

6. Tauruses want you to spell things out for them.

Even the most intelligent or empathetic of Tauruses benefit from having people explain themselves in full. Despite their patience, they hate liars and people who intentionally try their patience – it isn’t boundless. Tauruses don’t like repeating themselves and have a need to be understood.

7. They’re great with money.

Tauruses seem to be great accountants, and tend to have healthy attitudes toward money. Some can get greedy, however, so they need balanced partners and friends around to help keep them in check.

8. Tauruses rarely give up.

A Taurus will see a project through to the end, even if they’re not enjoying it. This can lend to persistent behavior, however, meaning it’s worth telling some Tauruses where they stand so they can get the message. That works in their favor, too, as they like to be kept informed and to have everything straight and in order.

9. They’re famously stubborn.

One of the most famous negative traits in Tauruses is, unfortunately, stubbornness. They have a strong set of principles and believe in justice. It’s hard to sway a Taurus on anything unless you have a clear argument and evidence. Remember, however, that a Taurus’s word is their bond.

fun facts about Taurus

10. They can be very creative people.

From singers to writers and artists, some of the most creative people on the planet are Tauruses. That goes for how they like to solve problems, too. You’ll find a Taurus has a unique way of looking at things, which may or may not go the way they’re expecting!

11. They’re highly affectionate.

Tauruses make fantastic partners, parents, and grandparents. They’re loving and loyal, particularly as it takes a lot to gain their trust in return. However, test this trust or break boundaries, and it’s hard to get them back on-side. They hold grudges!


FAQs about Taurus

Who should Taurus marry?

Tauruses are ideally matched to Scorpios, as they are at opposite sides of the Zodiac wheel. Tauruses help to keep Scorpios grounded, while Scorpios help Tauruses come out of their shells.

What's at the core of Taurus' personality?

A Taurus is usually a hard worker with a strong sense of justice, who demands loyalty, clarity, and honesty. In return, they give love, financial stability, and creative problem solving.

What’s positive about Taurus?

Taurus people have your back provided you have no hidden agendas – and they’re great to work with as they’re never likely to give up on a project!

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Queen Elizabeth II, Former Queen of the United Kingdom. Born 21st April 1926

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