Facts about Taurus

13 Truthful Facts about Taurus

It’s fun to think about how much horoscopes and the modern zodiac can affect our everyday lives! Taurus is one of many different star signs which people can check in the daily papers and magazines. It’s the sign of the bull and will apply to people who are born between the months of May and June.

Are you a Taurus? Do you know someone who is? Take a look through these fun facts about Taurus and find out more about the star sign and what their traits really are!

Taurus Zodiac Sign: Quick Facts

Date: 20 April – 20 May
Zodiac Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus
House: Second
Season: Spring
Metal: Copper
Body Part: Throat, neck
Stone: Coral, amber, sapphire, emerald, quartz
Color: Green
Tarot Card: The High Priest
Secret Wish: To have the best of everything
Keywords: Ambitious, stubborn, trustworthy, loyalty, self indulgent, reliable, predictable, greedy, musical, grounded, lazy, artistic, careful, practical, stable, boring, hedonistic, determined, materialistic.

1. Tauruses don’t always let you in.

Taurus people tend to be fairly guarded, while they will open up about their lives and their feelings, they must get to know you well before they can really open up on any real basis. Earning the trust of a Taurus is a huge thing – be proud!

That said, a Taurus is generally a patient and caring person, meaning that they will normally take the time to sit and listen to you – and they can be relied on.

2. Lighting the fuse of a Taurus is never a good idea.

A Taurus is likely to blow up if you push their patience too far. While they can be quite stoic figures at the best of times, they are not always likely to handle their anger well if they are pushed beyond their limits. Make sure to take your time with a Taurus and don’t overload them.

3. Tauruses aren’t big fans of criticism.

Tauruses aren’t always known for responding well to critique, meaning that they can sometimes take genuinely helpful pointers as personal attacks. This is part of their nature, as they can think and feel very deeply.

Facts about Taurus

4. A Taurus never forgets.

It’s hard to regain the trust of a Taurus if you betray them or let them down. Therefore, you must make sure that the bonds you build with them are solid and never likely to break down – treat Taurus friends and family members with the utmost respect!

5. Who are Taurus’ best friends?

Tauruses get on well with many people, but they match up well with Scorpio and Cancer.

6. A Taurus wants things clear and simple.

A Taurus is likely to find it frustrating if they have to continually explain themselves. While they can be very patient, it’s safe to say that a Taurus is unlikely to cope well if they are dealing with someone who is purposely testing them to see how far they will go. This is never a good idea with anyone, let alone a Taurus!

7. Who are some famous Tauruses?

Famous Tauruses include Amber Heard, Gigi Hadid, Renee Zellweger, Barbra Streisand, Jerry Seinfeld, David Beckham and George Clooney.

8. Trust a Taurus with your finance.

A Taurus is likely to bring a lot of stability into your life! Taurus people are likely to be excellent with money and will also put a lot of value on its worth in general.

9. A Taurus ain’t a quitter.

What’s more, a Taurus is very unlikely to give up on anything. This, of course, can be a bad thing – however, this also means that they can be very persistent, and will likely follow through even the biggest or most difficult of projects through to their completion.

10. Tauruses want things straight.

Taureans want to be able to get their slates clean and their bills paid. They are likely to be most at ease when they know that they have done everything they can right through to completion. This goes for making sure that chores are done, work is completed, and that they are up to date on all possible finances.

fun facts about Taurus

11. Stubbornness is a very common trait in Taurus.

Taurus people can be quite stubborn at the worst of times. However, this also means that they can be very principled, meaning that they are likely to have a strong sense of justice. This also means that your bond with a Taurus is very likely to be strong if they are willing to stay loyal to you and stand by you.

12. A Taurus will always have your back.

A Taurus person is likely to value friendship and family a lot. This means that you can always depend on their bond of love and care. They can be very affectionate, and loyalty means a lot to them. That’s why when you break the trust bond of a Taurus, they are unlikely to be very forgiving.

13. Tauruses love to express themselves.

Taurus people are likely to be extremely creative. They enjoy looking at problems in creative ways and prefer to follow their own routes through to resolution. This, again, can be a blessing and a curse, as it will mean that they are a lot of fun to work with, but at the same time, they can be difficult to manage.

FAQs about Taurus

Who should Taurus marry?

Tauruses are said to bond very well with Scorpios, as they are opposite signs - they balance each other out fantastically well.

What’s at the core of Taurus’ personality?

A Taurus is stable, hard-working, and demands clarity and grounding - they can also be stubborn, but extremely loyal.

What’s positive about Taurus?

Tauruses are very hard workers and will have your back - and they never, ever give up.

Do you know any fun facts about the Taurus star sign?  Share them in the comments below!

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