Fun Facts about Tel Aviv

10 Terrific Facts about Tel Aviv

Known for being one of the most stunningly beautiful cities out east, Tel Aviv-Yafo remains a cultural hub for Israel. It welcomes tourists from around the world every year to visit the stunning skyline, sandstone hills, world-famous cafes and restaurants, and to enjoy the vast culture that spreads out across the city. Yet, it remains quite the mysterious city for many of us! So, let’s get to know this city a little better together – here are some fun facts about Tel Aviv!

1. It’s a coastal city.

While many of us have already heard of Tel Aviv, not many of us actually know how to situate it! Tel Aviv is a coastal city in Israel that borders the Mediterranean Sea. To better locate it, Tel Aviv is about 40 miles from Jerusalem. It has amazing views all around!

2. A city of many names.

We all know the city as being simply named Tel Aviv, but as it happens, it is a city of many other names, too! People also know it as Tel Aviv Joppa, Tel Aviv Yafo, and Tel Aviv Jaffa.

3. Beautiful Boundaries!

Tel Aviv is known for its beauty, and the city’s boundaries are no different. There are sandstone hills that trace the line between the sea and the shore for about nine miles! You can easily find some wonderful photography of this city across social media.

Israel Flag

4. The White City?

As you may know, part of Tel Aviv is known as being the “White City” thanks to its unique architecture. It is so unique, in fact, that in 2003, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

5. All shapes and sizes!

Three of the most impressive buildings in Tel Aviv are skyscrapers. Located in the Diamond Exchange of the city, each tower has its own unique shape. You will find a triangular one, a circular one, and even a square one!

6. A multicultural city!

Tel Aviv’s population is mostly Jewish. There are small Muslim, Christian, and Arabic populations, too, but they are very few in number.

Metal horse outside art installation

7. An artsy city – a living gallery!

There is much to do and to see in Tel Aviv! The nation’s Philharmonic Orchestra, Performing Arts Centre, Habima National Theatre, and many Dance companies all have their own locations in Tel Aviv. It’s certainly the place to be if you’re really into your culture.

8. Come support your team!

Israel’s main stadium is the National Stadium in Ramat Gan, just outside of Tel Aviv. The space can hold up to 40,000 people, perfect for big games and shows! Basketball, in particular, is very popular, and the Maccabi team are the ones to follow – so make sure to book tickets before you visit!

9. Klone Yourself!

This name will mean a lot to all of you art lovers out there – Klone Yourself is a world-famous graffiti artist who just so happens to be based in Tel Aviv. All the people know is that he was born in Ukraine and resides in Israel. Fans don’t even know his real name!

young adults on scooter in Tel Aviv

10. No need to bring an umbrella, it seems…

It very rarely rains or even snows in Tel Aviv. At most, it has an annual rainfall of about 20 inches. The rest of the time, it is pure sunshine, with temperatures reaching between 81˚ and 86˚ F in the summer months!

FAQs about Tel Aviv

What is Tel Aviv famous for?

Tel Aviv is well known for its incredible landscapes, architecture, rich history, fantastic restaurants and cafes, and wonderful nightlife. It also happens to be massively popular with artists and culture lovers, too.

How many people live in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv has quite a large population, with around 436,000 people estimated to be living within the city limits. Stunningly, that’s still half the population of Jerusalem!

What languages are spoken in Tel Aviv?

Hebrew is the official language in Israel and in Tel Aviv. However, many of the people also speak English as a second language.

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