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10 Royal Facts about the Egyptian God Ra

The Egyptian Gods are some of the most famous deities in world history. Their fascinating mythology has been an inspiration to generations of people and storytellers. So, let’s get to know one of the Gods a little better together – here are some fun facts about the Egyptian God, Ra.

1. Ra is high up in the Gods’ hierarchy.

The Egyptian God Ra, sometimes referred to as Re, was one of the most revered deities in the mythology of Ancient Egypt. He was often depicted as a falcon-headed god, symbolizing his connection to the sky and the Sun.

2. Many know him simply as the Sun God.

In Egyptian mythology, Ra is believed to be the God of the Sun and creation. He was believed to have created the world and everything in it through his divine power. He’s perhaps most popularly known in the West as the Sun God, but his role was a little more complex than the title lets on.

3. The Sun travels with him.

Ra was often linked closely with the Sun’s daily journey across the sky. He was believed to travel through the underworld at night, defeating various obstacles and enemies, and then rise again in the morning as the Sun. A busy guy, by all accounts, then!

Ra being worshipped and blessing the person with rays of light
Ra being worshipped and blessing the person with rays of light

4. You can spot Ra by his sun disk.

Ra’s sun disk, known as the “Aten,” was one of his most recognizable symbols. It was often depicted as the Sun with rays splaying out into human hands, which symbolized Ra’s life-giving power.

5. Ra was a God of multiple different titles and roles.

Ra, or Re, actually went by many different names, titles, roles, and positions. We weren’t joking when we said he kept busy! Ra had several important titles, including “Ra-Horakhty,” which combined his name with that of the sky god Horus, emphasizing his role as a solar deity.

6. Some believed that Ra created us all from his own tears.

In some myths, Ra was said to have created all living beings from his own tears. He wept, and from his tears, humans and other creatures were born forth. It’s one of the most fascinating legends from the period, and therefore one that’s retold all over the world.

7. Ra supposedly grew weaker throughout the day.

Ra was believed to age and grow weaker as the day progressed. His journey through the underworld at night was seen as a time of renewal and regeneration.

8. Cairo was an important city for those who worshipped Ra.

The city of Heliopolis (modern-day Cairo) was one of the major centers of worship for Ra. The temple complex in Heliopolis was dedicated to him and played a significant role in Egyptian religious practices. To this day, you can still tell how important a role Ra played here.

Facts about Cairo
Cairo, Egypt

9. Ra became a composite deity over time.

Over time, Ra’s worship merged with that of other gods, leading to the development of composite deities. For example, the God Amun-Ra combined the attributes of Ra and Amun, another powerful deity.

10. Ra became well-known outside of Egypt, too.

Ra’s influence extended beyond just Egypt. As the Sun God, he was associated with the power of kings and rulers, often symbolizing their divine right to rule. And, as we all live under the Sun, it’s expected that he’d have influence beyond Ancient Egypt!

Ra and Imentet
Ra and Imentet

FAQs about the Egyptian God Ra

Who is Ra’s daughter?

Ra had three daughters. They were Bastet, Sekhmet, and Hathor. They were considered the eye of Ra, too, in the legend.

What is Ra’s true name?

In a particular myth, Ra told Isis some of his other names. He revealed that he was known as Khepera in the morning, before becoming Ra at midday, and later Temu once evening rolled around. However, he never revealed his secret name, which not even scholars of the mythology are thought to know.

Is Ra the oldest God?

In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Ra was indeed the first God. He was also among the most revered of the Gods in the eyes of the ancient Egyptians due to his power and strength.

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