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10 Sensational Facts about the Solomon Islands

We all dream of traveling to a paradise on Earth with pristine waters, incredible beaches, and warm weather. But have you ever heard of the Solomon Islands? If not, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on the vacation of a lifetime! However, these gorgeous waters make up more than just the perfect vacationing spot. Here are some fun facts about the Solomon Islands you should certainly take note of.

1. Where are the Solomon Islands?

The Solomon Islands can be found in the southeast of Oceania. They’re just to the
east of Papua New Guinea and near Vanuatu.

2. There are more islands than you might imagine out here!

The Solomon Islands is an archipelago and consists of hundreds of islands! These include six main islands and over 900 smaller bodies – lots to explore, then!

3. It’s a beautiful home for many people.

As of 2021, more than 700,000 lucky people live on the Solomon Islands. The people are spread out across the various islands; however, most live on Guadalcanal, Choisuel, Malaita, New Georgia, Makira, or Santa Isabel – the main six islands.

Facts about the Solomon islands
The Solomon Islands Flag

4. It’s a melting pot!

Most people living in the Solomon Islands are Melanesian. However, many are also Polynesian and Micronesian – meaning it’s a highly multicultural nation.

5. What’s the main religion in the Solomon Islands?

Believe it or not, the predominant faith in the Solomon Islands is Christianity! About 90% of the population identifies as practicing Christians. However, they belong to various faith sectors, such as the Anglican Church of Melanesia, and the Roman Catholic Church.

6. Better brush up on the lingo…?

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, there’s probably no need! The official language of the Solomon Islands is indeed English. That being said, most people in the area can’t speak English and communicate in one of the 70 different local languages instead! So, if you ever visit, you may want to bring a translator!

7. What is Kennedy Island?

Kennedy Island is one of the uninhabited Solomon Islands. And, if the name sounds familiar, it is because the island did get its name from former President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy! The President crashed there while in the Navy during the Second World War, which is why the island was named after him.

8. Marovo Lagoon is a sight to behold!

The Solomon Islands are known for making up a superb hotspot for divers, as they have incredible coral reefs, sea life, and even the biggest saltwater lagoon in the world! The Marovo Lagoon is believed to measure up to 700 km squared (around 270 miles squared)!

facts about the solomon islands

9. You’d better believe these coastlines are real!

The Solomon Islands are also known for their heavenly beaches! In fact, in total, there are
about 5300 km of coastlines – an equivalent of around 3,293 miles.

10. Let’s get this bread!

Since it is such a small area, it’s natural to wonder how the Solomon Islands make money! The islands make most of their money from the fishing trade. They also export timber felling, palm oil, coconuts, and palm kernels.

interesting facts about the solomon islands
Fishing boats, Solomon Islands

FAQs about the Solomon Islands

Which country owns the Solomon Islands?

The governance of the Solomon Islands belongs to the sovereign State of the Solomon Islands. However, it shares that power also with the Autonomous Region of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. Both areas are Commonwealth realms, linked to the United Kingdom - which means both recognize the British monarch, too. Confusing? A little!

What are the Solomon Islands best known for?

The Solomon Islands are mostly known for being unspoiled - a wonderful and delightful surprise! The Solomons carry several uninhabited islands and stunning reefs that divers love to explore from year to year. Let’s try and keep this paradise perfect!

Are the Solomon Islands part of the UK?

Although the Solomon Islands are considered part of the Commonwealth realms, they have been independent since 1978. Therefore, while they are linked to the UK to this day, notably via King Charles III, they are also considered to be independent.

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