facts about tiger sharks

15 Interesting Facts about Tiger Sharks

With a name like Tiger Shark it’s a wonder that you’ve been able to resist learning every fact there is to know about them, until now. They’re amazing, scary, and the true monsters of the deep, so why not spend a couple of minutes learning these 15 interesting facts about Tiger Sharks?

  1. Tiger Sharks can weigh 1,300 lb and grow to 15 ft long.
  2. They’re the fourth largest shark behind the Whale Shark, Basking Shark, and Great White.
  3. Tiger Sharks are the ocean’s bin men because they love to gobble up pure garbage.
  4. They’ll even eat tyres and leather jackets for sustenance.
  5. Their distant cousins are the Sand Tiger Sharks, but they’re more closely related to Great Whites.

facts about tiger sharks

  1. A baby Tiger Shark has spots not stripes.
  2. As the babies reach maturity their spots begin to blend together and form their iconic stripes.
  3. Tiger Sharks love nothing more than relaxing in 22 C water.
  4. Notched teeth allow them to both hold onto prey and rip it to bits once they’ve killed it.
  5. They’re the only shark known to hunt sea turtles on a regular basis.
  1. To try and protect themselves the turtles will turn sideways in the shark’s jaws so they’re too wide!
  2. Tiger Sharks are cunning and tend to preserve their energy as much as possible by going after sick or elderly turtles that are easier to catch and eat.
  3. Their gestation period is 14-16 months and results in average litter sizes of 30 or more.
  4. One female has been seen to birth 80 pups at the same time.
  5. A typical newborn pup weighs 6-13 lb.

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