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10 Tantalizing Facts about Toyota

Toyota is easily one of the most famous car manufacturers on the planet. In fact, there’s a good chance many of you reading this have driven one or two of them in your lifetime! However, there are tons you should know about the automotive giant that might have escaped your attention. Here are some fun facts about Toyota to help clue you in before you get behind the wheel!

1. Toyota wasn’t always into cars!

Believe it or not, Toyota actually started out in the textile business! The founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, developed the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom back in 1924. The invention was so groundbreaking it led to the creation of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd., which eventually became Toyota Industries Corporation.

2. Toyota’s been on the road since the 1930s.

The first Toyota passenger car was designed back in 1935 – the Model AA. The vehicle was designed using the Chevrolet and the Desoto as references.

3. So – was it Toyoda, or Toyota?

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been spelling Toyota a few times as Toyoda. And, no, it’s not a spelling mistake, and no one here is falling asleep on their keyboard! The founder of the company was Sakichi Toyoda, so the automated loom business used the family name.

However, the name was eventually changed to Toyota, as Toyoda takes ten strokes to write in the company’s native writing, whereas Toyota only takes eight. Interestingly, eight is considered a lucky number in Eastern cultures – so the change was all the more worth it!

Facts about Toyota

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

4. Is the city of Toyota connected?

If you’ve visited Japan before, you may know that there’s actually a city here called Toyota. And, no, the family and business were not named after the city, but rather the other way around! The city of Korona changed its name back in 1959 to honor the most successful business in the country at the time.

5. A Toyota’s built to last!

Anyone who has ever owned a Toyota knows that they are fantastic vehicles for many reasons, but one of their best features is that they’re built to withstand years of regular driving. In fact, some of the Toyotas still on the road today are over 20 years old!

6. Toyota is a record-holder.

Back in 2013, Toyota surpassed an impressive record! They became the first car company to produce more than ten million cars in one year – now that is a lot of extra wheels on the road!

7. Keep it in the family!

Interestingly, Toyota remains a family business to this day! Its current CEO is Akin Toyoda, the descendant of the company’s founder, Sikichi Toyoda. Who better than to stay behind the wheel, after all?

8. Drivers down under love Toyota.

If you ever get the chance to visit Australia, you may notice that they have a lot of Toyotas on the road. That is because Australia’s top-selling car is the Toyota Hilux – and it has been for the past seven years!

9. We’re not kidding about Australian drivers!

As it happens, Australia has loved Toyota for a lot longer than the seven-year stretch mentioned above. In fact, it has been the country’s leading car brand for over 25 years, and it doesn’t seem to be ending that reign any time soon.

Fun Facts about Toyota

Toyota HiLux

10. What’s the best-selling Toyota of all time?

And the title of the world’s best-selling Toyota goes to…. drum roll… The Toyota Corolla! As of 2022, Toyota has sold a staggering 1.12 million Corollas!

FAQs about Toyota

Does Toyota still produce good cars?

Toyota still produces some of the most reliable cars on the road - and you’ll find them driven all over the world. Some of their best cars include the Corolla, the Camry, the Prius Prime, and the 4Runner.

What is Toyota’s cheapest car?

If you would like to buy yourself a Toyota but are concerned about the price, then don’t worry! You can get a great model for a much lower price than you might expect - for example, the Toyota GR86 is their cheapest model, and still gets plenty of praise.

What car is Toyota getting rid of?

Sadly, the Toyota Avalon is said to end its nearly 30-year run! The car is set to be replaced by the hybrid-only 2023 Crown.

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