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17 Top Facts about Tunisia

Looking to impress your mates or win the local pub quiz? Brush up on your worldly knowledge, starting with these 17 fun facts about Tunisia!

1. Tunisia has landlocked neighbors and has its own coastline.

Tunisia is a beautiful and culturally-rich country in North Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the southeast and Algeria to the west; it also has a coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.

2. Where is Tunisia on the map?

If you have friends or family in this wonderful country, you can visit them by heading for the coordinates of 34.0000° N, 9.0000° E.

3. Tunisia is hilly and arid in various measures!

The terrain here is a delightful mix of mountains in the north, plains in the centre and Saharan desert in the south.

flag of Tunisia

Flag of Tunisia

4. Tunisia isn’t actually that large.

The total land area of Tunisia is 63,170 square miles (163,610 square kilometers). That’s slightly larger than England, and makes it the smallest country in North Africa!

5. Tunisia is also fairly sparse.

Tunisia’s population was 11.69 million in 2019… that’s around 1/6th of the population of the UK!

6. What’s the capital of Tunisia?

The capital is Tunis; it covers an area of 82 square miles (213 square kilometers) and had a population of about 2.7 million in 2020.

7. The climate actually varies a lot in Tunisia.

Tunisians living in the north enjoy a temperate climate with hot, dry summers, followed by mild, rainy winters, whilst those in the south enjoy a desert climate.

8. It’s a top movie location.

Many Hollywood films have been filmed in Tunisia, including many of the Star Wars movies!

9. Tunisia is crucial to world heritage.

Tunisia boasts a total of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including a 6,000 year old amphitheatre!

El Jam Amphitheatre, Tunisia

El Jam Amphitheatre, Tunisia

10. It’s a wildlife paradise.

This amazing country is home to a wide range of wild animals, including cheetahs, panthers, lions, leopards, gazelles, mongooses, otters, hyenas, wolves, deer and hartebeest.

11. Want to speak the local lingo?

The official languages of Tunisia are Arabic and French.

12. Tunisia was once part of France.

Tunisia gained independence from France in 1956.

Mosque Okba, Kairouan, Tunisia

Mosque Okba, Kairouan, Tunisia

13. You may have tried the Tunisian staple dish.

Tunisia’s national dish is couscous, which is often served with vegetables and meat or fish and a delicious sauce.

14. Want to go on a shopping spree in Tunisia?

Tunisian Dinar is the official currency here.

15. Tunisians live long, happy lives.

The average Tunisian life span is 76.31 years (2017).

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia

16. Tunisia grows plenty of crops.

Tunisia grows olives, tomatoes, citrus fruits, sugar beet, dates, almonds and grains; they also rear cattle and produce dairy products.

17. However, their industry is even more varied.

Its industry consists of petroleum, tourism, mining, textiles and footwear.

The main exports include textiles, mechanical goods, phosphates, chemicals and agricultural products.

El Djem, Tunisa

El Djem, Tunisa

FAQs about Tunisia

Can you drink alcohol in Tunisia??

As a Muslim country, the consumption of alcohol in Tunisia is technically banned, though they may be liberal with tourists.

Is it expensive to visit Tunisia??

Compared to somewhere like the US, visiting and living in Tunisia may actually be cheaper - it costs less than $80 to stay in a three-star hotel per night.

Is Tunisia a poor country?

Comparatively, Tunisia may actually be more affluent than other African countries, though it is seen as poorer than many out west.

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