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16 Utopian Facts about Utah

Ever been to Utah? A state towards the deep west of the US, it’s home to a variety of outdoor pursuits and winter standards. In fact, it’s played host to the Winter Olympic Games in the past! But how much do you really know about the state? Here’s a stack of interesting facts about Utah which might just surprise you.

  1. Utah has the amazing distinction of being the most literate state in the whole of the country, with more people here able to read and write than anywhere else in the US.
  2. The Great Salt Lake certainly lives up to its name. It’s thought to be saltier than any other ocean or sea elsewhere in the world. In fact, it’s said to be around four times saltier than most! Take it from us – it’s probably best you don’t try and drink from it!
  3. Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, isn’t just known for being a Winter Olympics host. It’s also thought to be the plastic surgeon capital of the US. It’s thought that there are more plastic surgeons per person in the city than anywhere else countrywide.

interesting facts about Utah

  1. Utah is home to many famous people, but perhaps the most famous family to hail from the state is the Osmonds!
  2. Utah is home to the US’ first-ever transcontinental railway. Promontory was the location of the first railroad of its kind in the US, and it initially took around seven years to bring to life.
  3. Marriage in Utah tends to happen younger than anywhere else in the US. On the whole, Utah couples can expect to marry the first time – and hopefully the last time – at the age of 26 for a groom, and at the age of 24 for a bride. For reference, it’s 29 and 27 respectively elsewhere in the US. When you find the one, you know!
  1. A poll compiled by Gallup in 2012 found that Utah was, in fact, the most desirable state to live in. For a state that ascended to the Union fairly late – it was the 45th – that’s an impressive feat!
  2. Utah is an extremely green state, to the extent that it’s thought national forest intervenes into each county. It’s the only state in the US where you’ll find a part of the national forest in all counties.
  3. The largest real-life nativity scene was set up in Utah! The world record saw 1,039 different people join together in seasonal costume to celebrate the birth of Christ in a scene that even brought in animals – a donkey and a camel got involved!
  4. Utah’s name is somewhat up for debate. Some believe that it derives from a native tribe, the Ute. However, others believe that the word ‘yuttahih’, from Apache, applies to the state. In either case, there are references to mountains and heights – pretty fitting!

Utah Facts

  1. Speaking of heights, the tallest peak in Utah is the fittingly-named King’s Peak, which scales up to a staggering 13,528 feet in height. Not one for those of a nervous position to traverse!
  2. Utah had a law in place regarding polygamy which lasted until around 1890. However, there are still polygamous couples in the US, largely as a result of the Mormon faith, it is thought.
  3. In fact, Utah remains predominantly Mormon. It’s thought at least 60% of people in the state observe the faith, while Mormon believers only make up around 2% of the national population.
facts about Utah

Bonneville, Utah

  1. Utah natives are absolutely wild about Jell-O. They consume more of the treat than any other US state, to the extent where it’s known as the official state snack!
  2. There are more than 30,000 acres of salt flats across Bonneville, making for some of the smoothest, whitest landscapes you’ll see for miles around. It’s extremely popular with people looking to break the land speed record.
  3. Utah is likely to thank for most people’s vision of the Old West, or at least that which you see in TV and movies. This is thought to base around the appearance of Kane County, which is often used to actually film Westerns against time and again. However, it’s also proven to be a hugely popular backdrop for sci-fi movies, too, and is called ‘Little Hollywood’ by some locals!

Do you have any interesting or fun facts about Utah that we’ve missed?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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  • Nick Schwarz says:

    Although not native to Utah, certain species of palm trees are planted for landscaping in the southwest corner of the state, in and around St George area

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