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15 Energising Facts about Weightlifting

Weightlifting is not only an Olympic sport, it’s a very popular pastime for lots of people who care about their bodies. Lifting weights is challenging, exhilarating, and it can be a lot of fun – providing you know your own strength, and take care of your body elsewhere, too!

Lifting weights has all kinds of benefits, and it may even help you to lose weight, too. Before you even pick up a pound, here are some fun facts about weightlifting you might want to consider. Is it time for a gym membership? Keep reading!

1. Weightlifting can improve sleep!

Studies show that lifting weights regularly could help to give you more, better quality sleep. Around 60% of weightlifters manage seven hours a night, minimum.

2. It’s a body fat burner.

Science states that weightlifting is a great asset in the fight against body fat. Studies show that you could cut back body fat by 7% simply by lifting weights twice a week.

3. Weightlifting can help retain muscle mass.

As we get older, we will all stand to lose muscle mass. However, weightlifting could help you to retain 50% or more of your muscle mass by the age of 80!

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4. Weightlifting is great for your metabolism.

If you want to increase your metabolic rate, lifting weights is a fantastic idea. It can help you to burn calories for hours at a time, long after you finish exercising.

5. Weightlifting is great for your heart, too!

It’s thought that lifting weights throughout your life can help to lessen strain on your circulation later in life. That means it adequately prepares you for many potential problems later in life!

6. Weightlifting won’t necessarily bulk you up

There’s a misnomer that you are always going to bulk up if you lift weights. This really isn’t the case! You actually stand to keep lean if you eat well and train regularly. A lot of it is in the diet.

7. Lifting weights is great for your joints.

A common myth is that lifting weights will hamper your joints. This really isn’t true! In fact, weightlifting can and will help to improve your bone density. That means better support and more strength overall.

8. Free weights and weight machines all have advantages.

There are some misconceptions regarding free weights being better or worse than weight machines. The actual fact is that lifting weights allows for freer motion and may in fact encourage you to gain more muscle. However, many people adapt to machines quicker and easier!

9. You can’t expect great results without clean eating.

Many people assume that simply lifting a few weights is a shortcut towards a better body. It really isn’t! To see any positive effect whatsoever, you are going to need to get your diet balanced out.

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10. Full-body workouts are the way forward.

While many people focus on weightlifting in specific areas on specific days, it’s actually better for you to try circuits where you target as many muscle groups as possible. So next time you think about ‘skipping leg day’ – incorporate it into your routine!

11. You can lose weight through weightlifting.

It’s not a guarantee, but it’s definitely possible. As mentioned, you can definitely stay lean through lifting weights. You are ultimately burning fat and calories – combined with aerobic exercise, there are no reasons why you can’t drop a few pounds.

12. Weightlifting is a great mood booster!

It’s true! Exercise helps to release endorphins, and weightlifting can help to increase dopamine and serotonin. Therefore, you’re likely to feel worn out after a workout, but likely happier once you’ve showered off!

a large selection of kettle bells, ready for your workout!

13. Weightlifting can help manage diabetes.

Some studies show that you can actively balance your body’s glucose by regularly lifting weights. As always, consult a doctor before you start.

14. Weightlifting can help beat depression.

As mentioned, this type of exercise can help to increase the production of various happiness chemicals in your brain. That’s great news long term, meaning lifting regularly may help you to take control of depressive episodes.

15. Weightlifting is great for co-ordination, too

Are you struggling with balance or general co-ordination? Then it’s likely weightlifting can and will help you to build that core strength!

a row of dumbbells

FAQs about Weightlifting

Which lifts are used to compete in the Olympic Games?

The names of the three lifts used in the Olympic games are quite descriptive. They are the snatch, the clean and jerk, and the clean and press.

Which country has been consistently successful at weightlifting in the Olympic games?

Russia has been extremely successful in the Olympic games weightlifting competition. They have won 231 Olympic titles for this sport, more than any other participating country.

Is it safe to continue weight lifting during pregnancy?

Yes, it can be safe to continue weight lifting during pregnancy - caution is advised though, and you should consult your doctor.

Do you know any fun facts about weightlifting? Share them in the comments below!

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