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12 Priceless Facts About Penguins

Penguins look pretty cute and cuddly, yet they survive in some of the most inhospitable conditions known to man. How do they do it? It’s time we took a closer look and told you these fun facts about the Penguin:

1. Penguins are cleverer than you think!

The penguin’s distinctive color is actually a form of camouflage.

It works because their dark backs blend into the ocean, and their white tummies are hidden by the light coming down through the water.

2. Penguins like a change of wardrobe.

Penguins moult once a year, losing all their feathers in an intense 2-week period.

Scientists call this process ‘The Catastrophic Moult.’

3. There’s a collective term for swimming penguins!

A group of penguins in the water are known as a ‘raft.’ When they’re on land they’re known as a ‘waddle.’ When they’re sheltering they’re known as a ‘huddle.’

Rockhopper Penguins

Rockhopper Penguins

4. There’s a penguin north of the equator!

The Galapagos Penguin is the only variety found above the equator.

5. Penguin royalty actually exists.

A King Penguin at Edinburgh Zoo was knighted by the King of Norway in 2008.

6. Some penguins are taller than you think!

Emperor Penguins are 4 ft tall which means they’re the tallest variety in the world.

7. However, some penguins are seriously tiny.

Little Blue Penguins are only 33 cm tall which makes them the shortest.

8. Some penguins are very nippy swimmers!

Gentoo Penguins can swim at an incredible 22 mph.

9. Penguins stick together.

They’re one of the few species which mate for life.

Interesting Penguin Facts

10. Penguins rarely ‘move home’.

They like to mate using the same rookery they were born in.

11. Penguins are egg balancing experts.

During storms they will balance their eggs on their feet and keep them warm with their tummies.

12. Penguins have a distinct communication system!

They use distinct calls to talk to specific members of their group.

FAQs About Penguins

Are penguins friendly?

Great news - penguins are amazingly chipper and docile, and will happily come up to you to see what you’re doing.

Are penguins ever likely to fly?

No - penguins absolutely cannot fly - their wings are effectively flippers, which means they ‘fly’ through water instead!

Do penguins ever get cold?

Yes, of course! However, thanks to their adaptation, they never freeze - amazing!

Do you know any fun facts about penguins?  Share them in the comments below!

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