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26 Fun Facts about Florida

Florida, known to millions as the Sunshine State, is a hugely popular holiday point for millions of people all over the world.  However, it is home to more than just Disney World and oranges!

Here’s some fun facts about Florida you may not already be aware of…

1. Head to Florida for fun on the fairway.

Florida is the golfing capital of the US, with more courses than any other state – there are over a thousand. It’s even home to the World Golf Hall of Fame!

2. People migrate here often.

An incredible 1,000 people move to Florida every single day!

3. However, it’s at risk from global warming.

It’s predicted to be one of the states most affected by climate change and rising sea levels.

State Flag of Florida

State Flag of Florida

4. You’ve no hopes of finding a real Jurassic Park out here.

Not a single dinosaur bone has ever been found in Florida.

5. Driving here for three months or more? Take note.

If you live in Florida for as little as 90 days a year, you have to register your car there.

6. The Floridian flag has an interesting history.

St. Andrew takes pride of place on the state flag. It was adopted in 1900 and also features the state seal.

The state seal includes the Sun, a steamboat, Native Americans, and of course some palm trees.

7. You won’t find many ups and downs in Florida.

It’s the flattest state in the whole of the USA.

The average elevation in Florida is a tiny 100 ft. The highest (non manmade) point is only 345 ft above sea level. This makes it the lowest highpoint of any U.S. state.

8. The happiest place on Earth?

Orlando is the home of Disney World, the world famous theme park for Mickey Mouse and friends!

9. It’s gator country!

The alligator is the official state animal and is known for its love of causing havoc on the golf courses.

Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida

10. It might be easier to learn to drive here than anywhere else.

You don’t have to learn to parallel park to get your driving license in Florida.

11. Most US oranges come from Florida.

It’s known as the home of the US orange industry and produces more of these juicy treats than anywhere else.

12. Orlando’s tourist spots are normally more popular with local people.

Orlando is, of course, a hugely popular tourist location. However, only around 4% of people who visit the region each year come from abroad!  It’s said to welcome 50 million visitors every year.

South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida

13. You might never walk all of the beaches in Florida!

Florida is home to over 800 miles of beaches, making it an obvious choice for holidays the world over.

In fact, Florida has the longest coastline in the US, at almost 1,200 statute miles.

14. There’s a ‘Key’ corner to Florida.

Key West is geographically the most Southernwest point in the whole US.

15. It’s also famed for fractious weather.

Florida does also earn its place as the lightning capital of the world. Clearwater is the city with the highest chance of you getting struck by lightning in the US, meaning it might be worth you staying indoors.

Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island

Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island

16. Oranges are not the only fruit…

Beyond oranges, Florida is also known as one of the fruit capitals of the US. That’s because it is responsible for producing more watermelons and strawberries than any other state in the country!

17. There’s lots of water out here.

The state is also home to over 11,000 miles of rivers and has over 7,700 lakes. It is also home to 27 first-magnitude springs and is a national leader in this respect.

18. There are many different theme parks in Florida!

You won’t just find Disney World here. Florida is the theme park capital of the US, with Universal Studios, Sea World, Busch Gardens and Legoland all having homes here.

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Disney World, Orlando, Florida

19. Probably not worth trying!

Florida has a strange, yet understandable law in place, which states you cannot legally sell your own children!

What’s more, an unmarried woman is not allowed to parachute in Florida on a Sunday.

20. Florida is a real launchpad.

Florida is also one of the space exploration capitals of the world, with Cape Canaveral being the main launchpad for US space missions.

21. The Everglades have a unique appeal.

It’s thought that the Florida Everglades is the only location on Earth where you can find alligators and crocodiles living together in the wild.

Everglades Airboat

Everglades Airboat

22. Jacksonville is a record-holder.

The biggest city in the US – at least in terms of total area – is Jacksonville, Florida.

23. It’s also tornado country.

Despite being called the Sunshine State, Florida is home to more tornadoes each year than any other state. Therefore, it is always likely to fall prey to strong winds and water spouts.

24. Where does Florida get its name from?

Florida is named after La Florida, a Spanish holiday which celebrates flowers. That’s because Ponce de Leon first found the state on this specific day.

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Key West, Florida, USA

25. Florida is the birthplace of an important ointment.

The state is said to be the birthplace of modern sunblock. Sunscreen is thought to have been invented in 1944, by Benjamin Green, who developed a formula in Miami Beach to help American soldiers during World War II.

26. Churchill’s lion is on display here – seriously!

In 1943 a lion called ‘Rota’ was given to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Now stuffed, the lion is on display in the Lightner Museum, Saint Augustine, Florida.

FAQs about Florida

What is the most popular fruit in Florida?

Do you even have to ask? It’s the orange - over 74 million citrus trees are cultivated in Florida!

Which variety of orange is considered the best?

Many people in Florida consider the Minneola Tangelos the juiciest and best-shaped orange - it’s named after the area of Minneola in Florida.

Is there an accent in Florida?

Yes - research shows that the Floridian accent seems to have evolved from the Southern accents you’ll hear across Texas and Louisiana, for example.

Do you know any fun facts about Florida? Share them in the comments below!

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