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17 Perfect Facts About Pizza

Pizza is a delicious dish made of bread, tomato, cheese and more. While it originated in Italy, there are many, many different localisations on the classic! Here’s a thick-crust stack of fun pizza facts to whet your appetite.

1. Pizza is amazingly popular.

It’s thought that we buy and consume more than five billion pizzas, globally, each year.

2. We’ve been eating pizza for centuries.

Pizza supposedly dates all the way back to the 16th century, but no one is quite sure exactly when or how. It appears to have kicked off in Naples, Italy.

3. We weren’t always mad on tomatoes.

What’s off about pizza’s origins is that tomatoes weren’t necessarily seen as edible centuries ago – they used to be quite poisonous.

a slice of Mediterranean pizza

4. The US embraced pizza fairly late on.

Pizza didn’t actually start becoming a big deal in the US until after World War II. Why? It’s thought soldiers based abroad in Italy during the 30s and 40s developed a taste for the local cuisine.

5. A Japanese pizza is a fairly interesting premise.

Japanese pizza fans tend to like their toppings to be a little different to us westerners. In Japan, you’re likely to find pizzas topped with mayonnaise, potatoes and squid. Yum?

6. Pizza fans stick together!

Head to Las Vegas and you’ll find that the International Pizza Expo shows off the latest and greatest culinary creations in the field.

7. The world’s longest-lasting pizza?

It’s thought that US soldiers have access to a pizza that can be kept in storage for up to three years without it spoiling or losing its flavor!

8. There are many, many books on pizza out there.

Pizza seems to be a popular topic, as currently hosts more than 26,000 unique books about the delicious dish.

9. Bread’s not the only base.

You don’t have to eat bread to enjoy pizza. In recent years, innovations such as cauliflower and beetroot bases have made the treat that little bit healthier.

pepperoni pizza

10. Hawaiian pizza’s name is misleading.

Ever had a Hawaiian pizza? It has nothing to do with Hawaii. It was invented by a Greek chef who was serving pizza in Canada at the time!

11. Pineapple on pizza was a mistake, no matter how you look at it!

Yes – pineapple on pizza is actually the result of a mix-up, as the inventor of Hawaiian pizza apparently grabbed pineapple chunks instead of pepperoni – and decided to take a bold risk.

12. The thinner the better!

Most people appear to enjoy thin crust when it comes to ordering pizza.

Tomato Mushroom and Olive Pizza

13. Humble beginnings.

Action movie legend Jean-Claude Van Damme actually started working as a pizza delivery driver before he hit the big time. You’d probably not want to risk leaving a short tip!

14. New York is massive on pizza.

In New York State alone, it’s thought that there are more than 9,000 different pizzerias. To say the Italian staple has found a life of its own out here is an understatement.

15. Eating pizza once a week might help protect you from cancer.

Yes – studies have actually shown that a regular pizza meal could help to reduce your chances of developing colon and oesophageal cancers.

facts about pizza

16. Online pizza delivery is three decades old.

The first person to order pizza online did so in 1994 – it was one of the first food orders ever made via the web.

17. The red stuff could help you live for longer.

It’s thought that tomatoes are fantastic at helping to boost your natural immunity.

Neapolitan Pizza in 8 slices.

FAQs about Pizza

Is pizza Italian or Greek?

While there are Greek twists on the dish, pizza is almost certainly an Italian dish, and it dates back to ancient Naples.

Which country eats the most pizza?

It’s Norway - the average Norwegian person will eat around eleven full pizzas to themselves each year.

What’s the most popular pizza topping?

Globally, it’s thought that pepperoni is the most popular topping, with mushrooms not too far behind.

Do you know any fun facts about pizza? Share them in the comments below!

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  • gcjarts says:

    ya i know the fun fact about pizza. pizza was actually square shaped in earlier centuries, also us police has a relation with pizza there are some cases which are solved by pizza only. best pizza facts are given here thanks for sharing.

  • Zoe Campos says:

    It’s actually interesting to know that it is possible to reduce the calories we consume in a pizza just by blotting off the excess grease in it. I don’t eat this kind of food that much believing that it is unhealthy, but if there’s a way to reduce its “unhealthiness”, I guess it’s worth the try. I’ll try to look for restaurants that offer pizza delivery services and see if they have any good flavor that I can try.

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