fun facts about Montana

13 Fascinating Facts about Montana

Of the 50 states of the U.S., the state of Montana is the 43rd most populous. South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Idaho are the four bordering states of Montana. It is home to 56 counties, and Helena is the capital of the state.

In addition to these facts, here are 13 fun facts of Montana that further explore its history, culture, people, geography and more.

  1. The “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State” are the two popular nicknames given to Montana.
  2. Mining and agriculture are the two vital industries that generate revenue in Montana.fac
  3. In Fort Keogh, Montana, the largest snowflake ever was observed. This snowflake had a diameter of 15 inches.
  4. There were more millionaires per capita in Helena, Montana than any other city on the planet back in 1888. Gold was the source for most of these millionaires.
Fun Facts about Montana

State Flag of Montana

  1. Preceded by South Dakota and succeeded by Washington, Montana is the 41st state to be found in the United States. The 8th of November 1889 was when the state was incorporated into the union.
  2. Every spring, an estimated 10,000 white pelicans migrate to Medicine Lake from the Gulf of Mexico. These birds are extraordinary as they have a wingspan of about 9 feet.
  3. There is a large population of wild buffaloes in Montana, and many of them can be seen at the National Bison Range close to Missoula.
  1. The state of Montana has one of the planet’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils, with the Museum of the Rockies alone having 13 Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens.
  2. Montana has at least 8 Native American tribes that are federally recognised.
  3. The Montana Yogo Sapphire is the only gem from North America that is included in the Crown Jewels of England.

facts about montana

  1. Including the Flathead Lake (biggest natural freshwater lake in the United States), Montana is home to over 3,000 named lakes and reservoirs.
  2. Bannack, persevered as a ghost town today, was the first territorial capital of Montana.
  3. Montana is home to an estimated 1800 grizzly bears, which is probably why it’s the state animal. The state is also home to approximately 8,000 moose. Although it was once thought extinct, it’s clearly alive and well in Montana. In addition, there are more cattle in Montana than there are human beings. As it is a crucial centre of livestock farming, this is not surprising.

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