12 Important Facts About How to Survive a Hurricane

Hurricanes affect millions of people every year, all over the world – and in many cases, these scary natural disasters are simply unavoidable. That is why it is so important to know what to do and what not to do during a hurricane to better your chances of survival.

A disclaimer: you shouldn’t use this guide in place of legitimate medical or safety advice provided by a professional. Consider this a fact file that looks at some of the ways people frequently protect each other during natural disasters.

Without further ado, here are some top facts about how to survive a hurricane.

1. You must stay well-informed.

One of the most obvious but important points to surviving a hurricane is staying informed! Pay attention to weather forecasts and updates from local authorities. Follow evacuation orders if they are issued for your area, too. Our smartphones and home assistants frequently advise when extreme weather is on the way.

2. Always have an emergency kit to hand.

Believe it or not, it is always a good idea to have an emergency kit ready. Stock up on essential supplies such as water, food that’s non-perishable, batteries, flashlights, first aid supplies, medications, and important documents, and make sure you always have access to them.

3. Reinforce your home where possible.

If you live in an area where hurricanes do occur regularly, it is best to prepare your home. Reinforce all your windows and doors with storm shutters or pieces of plywood. Trim all your trees and shrubs in gardens if you have them, and secure furniture and loose objects you have outside that could become projectiles in gale winds.

4. Prepare to leave immediately.

If you live in a coastal area or a place prone to flooding, follow evacuation orders promptly. Have a predetermined evacuation route and destination in mind in case you need to leave quickly.

how to survive a hurricane

5. Do not go outside if you don’t have to

During a storm, always find shelter in a sturdy building, preferably one with reinforced walls and a strong roof. Stay away from windows and doors, and do not go outside unless told by a professional that you should!

6. Prepare to lose power, if only for a while.

Hurricanes infamously cause widespread power outages. Have a backup power source such as a generator – where possible – and plenty of fuel. Use flashlights instead of candles to reduce fire risks, too.

7. Avoid flooded areas.

Always avoid traveling through flooded streets or standing water. Floodwaters can be deeper than they seem and may contain hidden hazards like debris, chemicals, and downed power lines.

8. Always listen to the emergency alerts.

Always keep a battery-powered or hand-cranked radio handy to receive updates and instructions from local authorities. Remember to keep checking for updates.

9. Stay hydrated!

It is always best to drink plenty of clean water to stay hydrated, especially if you are without power and air conditioning.

important tips on how to survive a hurricane

10. Be careful when a hurricane finally ends.

Even when all seems clear, and the storm seems to have passed, always be cautious when venturing outside. Watch out for damaged buildings and power lines and other hazards.

11. Check on those around you.

Always check on your loved ones and your neighbors, especially the elderly, disabled, or those who may need assistance evacuating.

12. Be careful of carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you happen to be using a generator or alternative power source, place it outside in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide indoors.

how to survive a hurricane

FAQs: How To Survive A Hurricane

Where is the safest place to survive a hurricane?

Generally speaking, it is best to be on a low level, in a small room, or even a closet during a hurricane. Having as many walls between you and the storm as possible is best.

What should you never do during a hurricane?

There are multiple things you should never do during a hurricane, including trying to stay somewhere when you have been told to evacuate, leaving your animals behind, and opening any windows or doors.

What is the biggest threat during a hurricane?

Storm surges are the most threatening parts of hurricanes. They are most dangerous along the coast.

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