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5 EdTech Startups to Watch: Innovations in Education Technology

It’s generally believed that education lags behind technology. It’s true when you think about educational institutions. Quite often even your tech classes give you obsolete knowledge. But you can’t really blame the educational system for that. You can’t keep up with all the innovation trends, so how can an institution that has a program developed for several years in advance?

There’s no surprise that students were ordering papers from some essay writing service for years before the educational system became aware of that. But the future slowly but surely starts looking bright due to innovations in technology, especially in the EdTech segment. With more EdTech startups popping up every year, it seems that education becomes more and more accessible to everyone.

But if you’re expecting that traditional schools and colleges will disappear, we are going to disappoint you. It’s unlikely that you will stop getting tasked with writing assignments or using paper writing services to pay for essay whenever you have doubts about your own writing capabilities.

Startups and traditional schools will coexist together in the educational ecosystem, with the former having a positive impact on the latter.

  • Opportunities for remote studying
  • Reduction of stress for students and teachers
  • Creating individual learning plans
  • Increasing students’ engagement
  • Making collaboration easier

Those are the main benefits that EdTech startups are bringing to the educational system. So, it makes sense to keep an eye on them to keep in touch with innovations in the segment. Of course, the startups are too numerous — uncountable to be more precise — to follow all of them. Instead, we offer to focus on the most promising ones that you should watch out for in 2023.

1. Preply

Whenever you are turning to custom writing services, you’re expecting your essay to be written in perfect English. Some services offer only writers that are native speakers, while some have authors with perfect English from non-English speaking countries. Yes, the essay writer behind your A-graded paper can be not a native speaker. If they learned English that well, surely you can learn any other language on the same level, right?

Previously, when learning a foreign language you had to stick to your teacher at school. And if you don’t blend in, chances are that you will have no desire to continue studying that language. But now you can use Preply — a language-learning marketplace that connects several thousand tutors with several million users. You can pick one of the fifty languages and start learning it via one-on-one lessons with a tutor.

2. CodeHS

Now, think for a moment, if you’re going to ditch your homework in traditional school, you’re going to ditch it in order to do what? Generally, you would pay for essay to have an extra hour of sleep. Some students, however, do that in regard to the obsolete knowledge tech classes provide them with. So, they can devote their time to learning programming and computer sciences elsewhere. Elsewhere in this case is CodeHS.

The main aim of CodeHS is to allow more people to get into coding, programming, and computer science. They provide materials for schools and offer individual learning plans with remote tutors. So, if you want to learn more about programming languages, subscribe to CodeHS right now and figure out the learning plan that works for you the best.

Image of Earth from Space

3. Greenlight

Quite often parents complain about their kids being financially illiterate. How they spend insane amounts on clothes, useless online subscriptions, Starbucks, etc. It’s really difficult to teach them how to save money. Needless to say, their thoughtless spending hurts the family budget. Well, it seems that this problem can be eliminated in the future. Thanks to the Greenlight platform.

Greenlight is a finance company that strives to aid parents in bringing up financially smart children. The platform allows parents to control their kids’ debit cards, setting limits. Aside from that, there are lessons for kids to explore on how to earn, save, and invest money. Which, ideally, leads to kids turning into investors.

4. Boddle

Okay, things are not that dire with essay writing to be fair, you can always browse through the reviews to find professional writers to help you with assignments. The thing that most students have issues with is math. Yes, you can hire writers to do your math homework, but that won’t save you in class. Are there any innovations that can help you with math? Yes, as now you have Boddle.

Boddle offers an interactive 3D game that can help kids to learn math. Gamification makes learning a lot of subjects easier. As it turns out, learning math through a game becomes engaging and exciting. Boddle is frequently used in schools. Parents use the game to prepare their kids for school. If you’re no longer a kid, and have problems with math, try using Boddle, maybe you’ll figure out the concepts that you’ve missed in school.

5. BloomBoard

What’s a better way to improve education than to make sure that teachers get proper education and keep in touch with the latest trends? That’s what BloomBoard offers. The talent development provider allows teachers to improve their teaching methods and learn new ones, as well as get certifications and accredited degrees. It all happens online, with teachers showcasing their teaching talents in class with their students.

Final Thoughts

Of course, this list is far from being complete. There are hundreds of EdTech startups right now. All of them are having a positive impact on the educational system. And dozens of EdTech startups pop up every year, bringing something new to the table. Listing all of them would be difficult. Foreseeing their impact would be even harder. So, here you have five that already make a positive impact.

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