National sibling day

🗓️ On This Day - April 10th

There’s something so special about April 10th… Can’t you feel it? Then it must be because you don’t know enough about this incredible date! Here are some of the most fascinating things about April 10th, and if you’re celebrating, congratulations!

On this day

Safety pin

The world was closer to getting the safety pin!

Back in 1849, April 10th was the day the world got closer to holding things together a little better. That is to say that it was the date that Walter Hunt patented the safety pin - where would we be without them today? A little less secure, that’s for sure…

Abraham Lincoln was laid to rest.

In 1887, after exhumation, April 10th marked the date that assassinated US President Abraham Lincoln was finally reburied. He was buried with his wife back in Springfield, Illinois.

Gatsby author Fitzgerald

The world met Gatsby.

In 1925, April 10th was the date that a true literary classic finally hit the bookshelves! F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby was published on this very day by Scribners. Believe it or not, it’s now out of copyright!

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson made history.

In 1947, baseball and world history was made on April 10th, as it was the date that Jackie Robinson signed his first MLB contract. He was the first black player of the 20th century to do so!

Penn and Teller

The world’s favorite magic duo finally met!

Although we can’t imagine legendary illusionists Penn and Teller apart, there was a time when they were indeed strangers. Thankfully, on April 10th, 1974, the two magicians met, and the rest was history.

Two pairs of quasars in the distant Universe

We finally saw a black hole!

And, back in 2019, today was the day that the world finally saw a black hole - or, rather, we finally saw a photo of one! The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration took on the bold project - capturing an object about 55 million light-years away!

Special Days Falling on April 10th

History isn’t the only thing that makes April 10th so special. Just check out these amazing national holidays, and you’ll see what we mean!
National Farm Animals Day

National Farm Animals Day

From producing milk, yogurt, cheese, and meat, to generally fertilizing the soil so that we can grow our own food - we rely on animals to a vast degree, as well as on the incredible work of independent farmers. Today is a great day to look into ethical farming practices and ways in which certain animals are still grossly mistreated - and to give thanks to those farmers who do abide by the rules.

National Cinnamon Crescent Day

National Cinnamon Crescent Day

Bakery fanatics, unite - cinnamon makes everything better. As soon as the autumn leaves start falling, tis the season for this dusty spice! Cinnamon crescents are especially tasty, and, while it may not be fall when you read this, April 10th is the “official” day to pick up a few from your local bakery to snack on.

National sibling day

National Siblings Day

Some of us are fortunate enough to have siblings - those strange people we grow up with and are most likely doomed to be annoyed by forever! But where would we be without them? So, this National Siblings Day, take the time to truly appreciate your brothers and sisters for everything they do and don’t do (like telling your parents what you’ve really been up to!), and find some common ground!

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