🗓️ On This Day - April 11th

April 11th is a fairly notable day, even if you’re not celebrating it! We first met the most famous spinach-munching sailor, someone made a really quick trip to Dover, and an icon of music history made their first live performance. Read on to learn why April 11th is such an important day in history!

On this day

Gustave Hamel

Gustave Hamel made a record flight.

On April 11th, 1913, Gustave Hamel, a French Aviator, flew from Dunkirk to Dover and returned to Dunkirk again - in one day! He set a record for the round trip of 90 minutes.

International Labour Organization

Working rights changed forever.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) was established in 1919 on April 11th - as a specialized agency of the League of Nations, with the goal of promoting social justice and improving working conditions worldwide.


I’m strong to the finish, ‘cause I eats me spinach!

Did you know Popeye is over 90 years old? This famous character first appeared in a cartoon on this day in 1929! From featuring in the William Hearst Newspaper, Popeye and his love interest Olive Oyl quickly gained fame, appearing in books, films, and comics, while also heading to television!

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan took to the stage for the first time.

Bob Dylan made his first live performance on April 11th, 1961, at Gerdes Folk City in Greenwich Village. He opened the show for blues musician John Lee Hooker, and his performance was well-received by the audience. This performance marked the beginning of Dylan's successful career as a folk singer and songwriter - he's a legend!

facts about parkinson's disease

World Parkinson's Disease Day was first marked.

World Parkinson's Day was founded on April 11th, 1997, to raise awareness about Parkinson's disease and to commemorate the birthday of Dr. James Parkinson, the British physician who first described the symptoms of the condition in 1817. It serves to remind us of symptoms to look for, and to remind us how treatments have evolved. It's generally a day for awareness and support for those suffering any debilitating effects.

Special Days falling on April 11th

There's so much to celebrate on April 11th. Even if you don't have a particular celebration in place for today, there are a few bits and pieces you can get into for fun! Here's just a few of our favorite focuses today!
International Louie Louie Day - April 11th

International Louie Louie Day

April 11th marks a curious celebration of the rock song which has been recorded the most times in history! A favorite party song, it is also the adopted song of the State of Washington. Why not give it a listen and look out for a few cover versions?

fun facts about submarines

National Submarine Day

This yearly event is held to celebrate the USS Holland, which was the first modern submarine to be commissioned in America. It reminds us that these underwater vessels are working round the clock to guard, protect or investigate events all over the globe.

facts about cats

National Pet Day

Every day should be pet day! Set aside a few extra minutes today to show your cats, dogs, hamsters and bunnies some love. They cheer us up when we’re feeling low - they certainly deserve at least one day to shine.

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