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On this day - April 19th

April 19th may sound like just another day in the calendar, but you’d be surprised at some of the secrets hiding in plain sight! Revolutions were started, a red diamond was bought, and today we chow down on the best of flavors - garlic! Keep reading to find out what makes April 19th so special!

On this day

American Revolution

The "Shot Heard Round the World" took place.

The American Revolution officially began on April 19th, 1775, when British troops clashed with colonial militia heading out towards Lexington, Massachusetts. This clashing event marked the start of the Revolutionary War, and is famously referred to as the "Shot Heard Round the World".

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin passed away.

People across the world mourned the death of celebrated English scientist, 73 year old Charles Darwin, on April 19th 1883. He died in Kent, UK - but he had traveled across the planet to study biology, including a five-year voyage on HMS Beagle across the Pacific Ocean!

Mae West

Mae West got charged for obscenity.

On April 19th, 1927, acting legend Mae West fell foul of what was referred to as "obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth". It was all thanks to her role in a stage play in NY called "Sex". She was eventually sentenced to ten days in prison and fined $500. The publicity is actually thought to have launched her Hollywood career, and she became an icon of the 1930s with her trademark wit and sensuality.

Bride of Frankenstein

The Monster’s Wife!

"Bride of Frankenstein", the horror film classic and sequel to "Frankenstein", was released on this day in 1935. Starring Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster and Elsa Lancaster as the Bride, the film is widely considered an absolute masterpiece of the genre! It has become something of an enduring cultural icon, inspiring countless adaptations over the years - even if Mary Shelley had nothing to do with the writing of it!

Nuclear waste pollution

The US tested weapons on the Marshall Islands.

On April 19th 1948, the United States conducted a nuclear weapons test on the Marshall Islands. This particular test was part of the national program and involved the detonation of a plutonium bomb, with the aim of testing its effectiveness and assessing its potential as a weapon of war.

Red diamond

A record-breaking red diamond went on sale!

On April 19th, 1988, a jewelry fanatic paid the eye-watering price of $9,130,000 (£4,935,1355) for a diamond at a Sotheby's auction in New York. The diamond, known as the Moussaieff Red, is a rare red diamond weighing 5.11 carats and is considered one of the most valuable gems globally!

Special Days Falling on April 19th

If you don’t have much to celebrate today, here are a few different occasions people are marking across the country and elsewhere around the world.
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National Garlic Day

Once worshipped by Egyptians and used as currency, records suggest garlic was first traded in 3,000 B.C.! The history of garlic is celebrated today - and nowadays, we love garlic as a flexible, flavorsome culinary additive with a range of health benefits, including helping improve cardiac health!

John Parker

John Parker Day

This day honors the bravery of an American farmer, mechanic and war veteran - John Parker. The retired and unwell Parker was asked to take command of 70 volunteer militiamen at the battle at Lexington on April 19th, 1775, against 700 British Troops. Despite his suffering from Tuberculosis, he and his men won the day!

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National Dog Parent Appreciation Day

Founded by Doctor Marty Goldstein in 2021, this occasion draws attention to all the hard work dog owners go to to keep their furry friends happy! Whether you’re a “dog parent” or not, take time to show some love today.

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