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On This Day - April 21st

Past mid-April, we're usually greeted with blooming flowers, greener trees, and lovely warm days. But, as history has shown us, a lot can happen on April 21st, including national holidays and groundbreaking historical moments! Here's everything you need to know about April 21st!

On this day

John Adams

John Adams was sworn in as US Vice President.

April 21st, 1789, was a very important date for former President of the United States of America John Adams. It was the date he was sworn in as the first Vice President of the US before ultimately becoming the nation's second President ever!

Hans Christian Ørsted

Hans Christian Ørsted made an important discovery.

Back in 1820, Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted identified electromagnetism for the first time! He observed the concept by following a compass needle. We have a lot to thank him for, as it happens!

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s train left the station.

Back in 1865, today was the date that President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train left Washington. The train traveled through 180 cities across seven states in total before ending its journey in Springfield, Illinois.

facts about Spain

Spain declared war.

In 1898, Spain declared war against the US. The US then recognized the war on April 25th of that same year - but it would only wage on until August that same year, ending with the Treaty of Paris.

interesting facts about Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley had a number 1 hit!

When we think of the King of rock n’ roll, a few songs always come to mind. One of his most famous, of course, is “Heartbreak Hotel.” This classic song hit number one in the charts on this very date back in 1956 - well-deserved, we think!

Special Days Falling on April 21st

Thankfully, we don’t have to keep our heads in the history books today if we don’t want to! April 21st is also a day to celebrate multiple national holidays, and here are a few you can enjoy.

National Rendering Day

Simply put, rendering refers to the process of using the usually discarded elements from an animal in products and goods to ensure that as little of the animal is wasted. Food waste is a huge issue, as is animal cruelty, and ensuring that when we use animals for their meat as much as possible ensures that the kill is more worthwhile and useful. National Rendering Day is the perfect occasion to look into how this all works!

cashew nuts

National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day

If you're done with meat today and would like a sweet treat, why not try some chocolate-covered cashew nuts? We know it doesn't sound like the most appetizing treat, but trust us, it's worth tasting and could become your new favorite snack! On a different note, these national days sure are getting specific…!

kindergarten teacher

National Kindergarten Day

Kindergarten is an important rite of passage for all of us. We all have to start school somewhere, and the best place surely is one with finger painting, naps, and building blocks! So, why not thank your local kindergarten teachers for all they do, and maybe reach out to your own kindergarten teacher to let them know what their favorite student is doing now?

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