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On This Day - April 29th

From TV firsts to royal weddings, there are more than a few reasons why April 29th is so notable across history. It may well be a special day for you today, too! In which case, why not take a little time to look through some fascinating events that unfolded today across history, and learn who you share a birthday with?

On this day

Aretha Franklin


April 29th, 1967 saw the release of one of the most memorable soul hits of all time. Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, released “Respect,” which would go on to claim US Billboard Song of the Year. Music fact fans - did you know it was written by Franklin’s fellow soul legend Otis Redding?

interesting facts about the vietnam war

The US’ part in the Vietnam War started coming to an end.

The highly controversial US campaign in the Vietnam War finally started reaching its end on April 29th, 1975, as the US started to free citizens away from Saigon as North Vietnamese soldiers intended to advance. This move effectively halted the US’ further involvement in the conflict.

LA riots

The LA riots unfolded.

Resulting from the acquittal of LA police accused of beating black civilian Rodney King in 1991, April 29th, 1992 played host to riots erupting across Los Angeles. All four white police officers brought before the court were released without charge.

prince William and Kate Middleton wedding day

William married Kate.

April 29th, 2011 saw the world tune in to Prince William of Wales marry Catherine Middleton in a televised ceremony and celebration remembered for years to come. At the time of writing, they’re now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and William is first in line to the British throne.

The SImpsons

The Simpsons made TV history.

Homer and co seem to have been on TV for as long as many of us can remember - and on April 29th, 2018, The Simpsons became the longest-running US scripted show in prime time. That meant a staggering 636 episodes - at the time of writing, it’s well over 700!

Special Days Falling on April 29th

Not got much to celebrate or do today? Thankfully, there are always some national and international celebrations worth looking forward to. Here are just a few of our April 29th favorites that might just appeal to you.

World Wish Day

World Wish Day is a wonderful celebration of the self - what do you wish for? However, it’s hardly an indulgent day, as it’s set up to help people make each other’s wishes come true. The celebration was first set up by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, who specialize in granting wishes to terminally ill children.

iTunes launched by Apple on 28th April

International Dance Day

Ever wanted to just get up and strut your stuff? Now’s your chance! April 29th is designated as International Dance Day, which means it’s a great opportunity to learn some new moves, take part in a class, or just read up on the history of movement!

jump shot

We Jump The World Day

April 29th really is a great day for getting active! We Jump The World Day encourages people to jump, run and generally try a bit of parkour - within reason, of course! If you feel up to the task, try and get involved in some big, active moves today - your body will thank you for them!

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This month in history

Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant during the US Civil War, effectively bringing an end to the historical conflict. The War, which separated states up and down the country, continues to be one of the most important (if devastating) periods in national history.

Famous Birthdays on April 29th

Dale Earnhardt, American NASCAR legend, born 1951

Jerry Seinfeld, American comedian, born 1954

Michelle Pfeiffer, American actress, born 1958

Andre Agassi, American tennis champion, born 1970

Uma Thurman, American actress, born 1970

Facts about Taurus

If you were born on April 29th…

That would certainly make you a Taurus, or the bull, in the Western Zodiac. That means you’re seen as down-to-earth yet highly enthused with hedonistic pleasures! You’re extremely artistic, and you’re a gentle soul. However, you are also known for being a little hard to budge if you’re going outside your comfort zone!

Take a look at our complete Taurus fact file for more details on what makes you tick, and check out our other Zodiac fact pages, too!

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