National Unicorn Day - April 9th

🗓️ On This Day - April 9th

April 9th has proven to be a pretty eventful date throughout history! And thankfully, it’s also a day when we get to celebrate multiple occasions across the nation. Here are some of the most important things you should know about April 9th!

On this day

John Hancock

John Hancock took a stand.

Back in 1768, US Founding Father John Hancock took a principled stand against two British customs agents. He refused to let them go below the deck of his ship. Many still consider this to be the first act of physical resistance to British authority by one of the colonies!

Bob Hope

Bob Hope made his first TV appearance.

In 1950, Bob Hope hit our TV screens for the very first time! He became an icon of the small screen as a multi-talented entertainer. He passed away at the age of 100 in 2003 - and did you know he was technically British?

Bill Sharman

Bill Sharman hit an interesting record!

In 1959, Bill Sharman hit an NBA record that not everyone would strive for - he made 56 consecutive foul shots! That said, he’s still known as one of the greatest shooters in basketball history, certainly of his time.

West Side Story

West Side Story made a big impact at the Oscars!

On April 9th, 1962, at the 34th Academy Awards, West Side Story took home more than one trophy - in fact, it won ten Academy Awards! That’s an impressive feat that only a few movies have managed in the years since.

Facts about JFK assassination

JFK threw a ball - but what kind?

On the same day, in 1962, US President John F. Kennedy threw a very important ball! It was the first baseball at Washington’s new DC stadium - a huge blessing at the time!

facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill earned his citizenship!

And in 1963, Winston Churchill became an honorary citizen of the United States of America. He was the first person ever to receive such an honor - and he’s honored overseas, too, as he once won a UK national poll to find the “Greatest Briton”, beating Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Special Days Falling on April 9th

Had enough history for one day? That’s fine, check out all these things you get to celebrate today instead! Here are some of the best national holidays that fall on April 9th.
National Unicorn Day - April 9th

National Unicorn Day

Who hasn't wanted a unicorn at one point in their life? Just us? Regardless, these majestic mythical creatures are the things of dreams and fanciful fiction. So, celebrate National Unicorn Day with your favorite unicorn onesie or even with a child in your life who deserves their own unicorn!

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day - April 9th

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

Chinese food certainly deserves more than one day of celebration, and April 9th happens to be an iconic occasion to enjoy some almond cookies. So, head over to your favorite Chinese restaurant, or try making them yourself - it’s a taste sensation!

National Cherish An Antique Day

National Cherish An Antique Day

We all have a tendency to keep upgrading with modern bits and pieces - but we are all surrounded by treasures from the past! Be it from our loved ones, antique stores, or even a yard sale, you can find wonderful antiques all over to restore - or even cherish in all their vintage styles! So, today remember to look after the antiques in your home, or go hunting for some treasures in your local area today.

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