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🗓️ On This Day - February 1st

February 1st may just seem like any other day, but it’s proven to be very eventful throughout history! It’s the start of a new month, full of promise - and if you’re not celebrating a birthday or anniversary today, there are plenty of other ways to mark this occasion. Here are some of the most interesting things to ever have happened on February 1st!

On this day

The French national flag, the 'Tricolor' in blue, white and red.

France declared war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

On February 1st 1793, France declared war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands - as a result of ongoing conflicts during the second year of the French Revolutionary Wars, which lasted from 1792 to 1802. Thankfully, they’ve all made up since!

Slave Facts

Mauritius banned slavery for good.

The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 freed most of the British colonies from slavery, from the Caribbean to South Africa - and the very last British colony to abolish slavery was Mauritius, taking place on February 1st 1835.

Abraham Lincoln made important changes to the US Constitution.

In the United States, February 1st 1865 marked the day that President Abraham Lincoln signed the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. It is this amendment that abolished slavery and involuntary servitude across the nation, following on from his ground-beaking Emancipation Proclamation in January.

Electricity Facts

Who was Black Maria?

While Thomas Edison is known for many things, notably electrical innovations, on February 1st 1893, he finished the construction of Black Maria - the very first motion picture studio! Was there anything this man couldn’t do?!

Flag of Hungary

Hungary broke free.

Following nine centuries of monarchy, and one first failed republic, on February 1st 1946, the Parliament of Hungary abolished the monarchy and instated the Second Hungarian Republic. This second republic was then dissolved in 1949 - they’ve had a varied history to say the least!

Group photo of the Beatles

The Beatles break America!

February 1st is certainly an important date for fans of the Fab Four - in 1964, it was the day their song “I Want To Hold Your Hand” finally hit the number-one spot on the US charts - their first-ever chart-topper. Of course, it was only the beginning of many years of success to come.

Special Days Falling on February 1st

February 1st is an important date for a lot of reasons. There’s been a lot to celebrate throughout history, and today, we celebrate no less than three national holidays!
facts about Chocolate

National Dark Chocolate Day

Dark chocolate is one of the great pleasures that life brings us! Nothing beats some dark chocolate in cake, ice cream, or just as is! So, let the chocoholic in you indulge a bit today and celebrate National Dark Chocolate Day with your favorite treat. Dark chocolate is even said to be a bit of a superfood, great for relieving stress - so feel less guilty about having a piece or two.

Facts about Texas

National Texas Day

Whether you are from the Lone Star State or simply love the culture, today is the day we all get to cherish Texas! Why not celebrate by cooking up a few recipes inspired by traditional food enjoyed across the state - or by streaming some country music?

King Cobra Snake

National Serpent Day

If you’re a big fan of serpents or snakes, then today is the day for you! On February 1st, we all get to admire these incredible creatures in all of their slithery wonder! You can celebrate today by reading up on snakes and serpents, watching a documentary about them, or visiting some snakes at your local zoo!

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