on this day in history - February 4th

🗓️ On This Day - February 4th

From fun National Holidays to incredible historical events, February 4th has a lot to offer! And, with that in mind, here are some of the most important things to have ever occurred on February 4th - whether or not you’re lucky to be celebrating a birthday or anniversary today, too!

On this day

George Washington

George Washington became the first US President.

It was on this very day back in 1789 that founding father George Washington was officially elected as the very first President of the United States. He was voted in unanimously by the US Electoral College.

Facts about Slavery

France abolished slavery throughout all of its territories.

February 4th 1794 marks the day that the French legislature finally abolished slavery! It was abolished in all of the French First Republic territories.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler took charge of Germany’s armed forces.

On February 4th 1938, Adolf Hitler appointed himself as the head of the Armed Forces High Command. This was four years after he officially took the title of Führer und Reichskanzler back in 1934.


Say hello to the USO!

We have all heard of the USO (United Service Organization), and the shows that are put on for armed and service people by comedians, singers, dancers, and more! The USO was officially created on this very day back in 1941 - and it’s been going strong ever since.

Facts of Sri Lanka

Ceylon gained its independence.

The nation of Ceylon officially became an independent country within the British Commonwealth on February 4th 1948. If it doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because, in 1972, the country officially became a republic within the Commonwealth and changed its name to what it is now known as Sri Lanka!

Facebook logo

We all started “Liking”!

February 4th 2004 was also the day that Facebook was officially founded by creators Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. This social media platform became so famous that it now has over 2.93 billion active monthly users!

Special Days Falling on February 4th

Although we all tend to focus on the big holidays, it’s important to remember to celebrate anything we can every day! And, thankfully, there’s plenty to celebrate on February 4th. Here are some of the best national holidays for February 4th we’ve found for you to celebrate.
Homemade Soup Day - February 4th

National Homemade Soup Day

Whether you’re more into a good chicken soup, a hearty vegetable broth, or some sweet French onion, today is the day to really indulge in this warm treat! So, grab a warm blanket, put on your favorite movie, and enjoy some soul-soothing soup by the fire!

National Thank-a-Mail-Carrier Day

National Thank-a-Mail-Carrier Day

Mail carriers are the backbone of this nation, and today is the day we should all thank them! So, try giving your mail carrier a card, a small token of your appreciation, or even an extra minute to thank them today for all they do - without them, many of us wouldn’t be able to keep in touch.

National Hemp Day

National Hemp Day

Although it may seem a little strange, today is also national hemp day! Hemp has a long and fascinating history in all kinds of manufacturing across the US. Today, it can be found in multiple products, including shampoos and soaps. Celebrate February 4th with a few funky hemp products of your own!

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