National Chopsticks Day - February 6th

🗓️ On This Day - February 6th

From huge historical moments to somewhat confusing national holidays, February 6th definitely isn’t just an ordinary day! We’re only just getting into the shortest month of the year, but there’s plenty packed into this otherwise innocuous date on the calendar. Here are some of the most important things to have ever taken place on February 6th!

On this day

Facts of New Zealand

The official signing of the Treaty of Waitangi took place.

February 6th 1840 marks the day that the Treaty of Waitangi was officially signed. This is the treaty that established New Zealand as a British colony.

On this day February 6th

Women in Britain got the right to vote!

Thanks to the Representation of the People Act of 1818, British women finally got the right to vote! However, the women had to be at least over the age of 30 and had to meet minimum property qualifications in order to actually be allowed to vote. Thankfully, it’s changed a lot since then!

On this day February 6th

The American Legion was founded.

The non-profit organization created to help war veterans, American Legion, was officially founded on this date back in 1919. The Legion is credited with playing a huge role in the passing of the GI Bill of 1944.

Strike in Seattle - February 6th

The Seattle General Strike began.

The famous Seattle General Strike took place on this very day back in 1919! More than 65,000 workers walked out of their jobs in Seattle for a five-day period - now that’s a commitment to a cause!

Queen Elizabeth 2

Elizabeth II became Queen.

Following the passing of King George VI, his daughter - Elizabeth II - became Queen of the United Kingdom, as well as her other Realms and Territories, and furthermore Head of the Commonwealth. When she became Queen, she was actually staying in a hotel in Kenya!

On this day February 6th SpaceX launch

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy made its first flight.

Not too long ago, back in 2019, one of SpaceX’s super heavy launch vehicles, the Falcon Heavy to be precise, made its maiden flight on February 6th. The test proved to be successful, and Falcon Heavy became the most powerful rocket in operation at the time - no wonder Elon Musk turns a few heads!

Special Days Falling on February 6th

Feel like celebrating today? Well, then, you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty to cheer for on February 6th! Here are some of the national holidays we get to enjoy today!
National Chopsticks Day - February 6th

National Chopsticks Day

Not everyone in this country is a whiz at eating with chopsticks. It takes skill and practice! But when we do, the food seems to taste even better! So, today is the day to work on your chopstick skills and eat some of your favorite Asian cuisines!

nutrition facts about frozen yogurt

National Frozen Yogurt Day

Whether you’re an ice cream fan or a fro-yo muncher, we think you should enjoy both today! But, technically, it is frozen yogurt’s special day, so take the time to really enjoy some of that cold, sweet goodness!

facts about Donald Trump

National Lame Duck Day

Although the name may be a little confusing, today is not the day we all feel sorry for physically disabled ducks. Instead, it’s the day we recognise the 20th Amendment to the US constitution, also known as the Lame Duck Amendment! In politics, a lame duck refers to a person in office who has either lost a re-election bid, been prevented from running for re-election, holds a position that no longer exists, or has chosen not to do another term in office.

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