National Boy Scout Day

🗓️ On This Day - February 8th

February 8th may feel just like another day, but trust is, it has a lot of history, and a lot to celebrate! It may well be a birthday or anniversary of your own - but in case you’re stuck without something to look back on today, here are some of the most important things to have ever occurred on February 8th!

On this day

Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots ruled her last.

February 8th 1587 marks the death of Mary, Queen of Scots. She was executed by way of beheading, due to the belief that she had been involved in the Babington Plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I, her cousin.

Richard Johnson Vice President USA

Richard Johnson took the Vice Presidency - the US’ first!

On this day back in 1837, Richard Johnson officially became Vice President of the United States. He was the first one ever to be chosen by the United States Senate!

On this day in history - February 8th

American Boy Scouts made their debut.

The Boy Scouts of America were incorporated by William D. Boyce on February 8th 1910! They have since become a famous organization created to teach young boys about survival skills, morals, and the importance of helping their community.

Vintage Radio from the 1930s

The White House got a wireless for the first time ever!

The first ever radio set in the White House was set up and tuned in on this very day back in 1922! It was introduced by President Warren G. Harding.

Hollywood's 'Walk of Fame'

Watch your step!

Although it may seem as though it’s always been there, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was actually established on this day back in 1960! It now holds the names of over 2,700 stars - and counting!

Skylab - On this day - February 8th

The crew from Skylab 4 returned to Earth.

The very last crew to ever visit the American space station Skylab came back to earth on February 8th 1974. They had spent 84 days in space!

Special Days Falling on February 8th

February 8th’s proven itself to be fairly memorable - just see above! However, we’re not quite finished. Here are a few special days you might fancy celebrating if you don’t already have an occasion of your own today!
Iowa State Flag

National Iowa Day

The Hawkeye State is known for its friendly residents and beautiful landscapes - so today is the day to celebrate it! Head over to Iowa for a quick road trip, or read up on the state’s history to celebrate!

National Kite Flying Day - February 8th

National Kite Flying Day

Who didn’t love flying kites as a child? Well, today is the day to find that child-like wonder again and take your favorite kite out for a quick run! Try to bring friends and family with you, and celebrate properly by watching all of the colors fill the sky.

On this day in history - February 8th

National Boy Scouts Day

Boys from across the nation have been learning how to survive in the wilderness, doing good deeds for their communities, and above all, doing their best - since 1910! Given the movement was founded on this day back in 1910, it’s hardly surprising that Boy Scout packs celebrate the anniversary today.

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