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🗓️ On This Day - January 21st

We’re past the midpoint of the month now - which means we’re edging closer to February! It’s January 21st, and there are plenty of interesting facts to take away from today - so let’s dig into some historical points of interest and find out why it’s such an iconic date on the calendar.

On this day

Michael Romanov

The first Romanov Tsar!

It was on January 21st 1613 that the first in a long dynasty of Russian rulers came into force - specifically, Michael Romanov - who was the first Tsar from his family name to ascend to the throne. The very first Tsar, of course, was Ivan the Terrible!

Richard Trevithick’s locomotive

A big day for trainspotters!

January 21st marks the anniversary of the first time a locomotive took to the tracks - specifically, it’s Richard Trevithick’s working train that took to the tramways of Merthyr Tydfil’s Penydarren Ironworks in 1804. Train travels never looked the same since!

JFK and Richard Nixon

Nixon makes diplomatic history.

While he’s better known for his infamous Watergate scandal now, US President Richard Nixon made Presidential history on January 21st 1972 as the first of his office to visit China. He met with then-Chinese leader Mao Zedong in the capital city of Beijing, in an attempt to strengthen relations with the two countries.

British Concorde

Concorde took off for the first time!

Well, a commercial flight, in any case! January 21st 1976 saw Concorde’s maiden voyage for commercial purposes, which was part-funded by both French and British governments at the time. It was in service for decades until its retirement. Long live Concorde!

2017 Women's March

Women took to the streets.

Decades after the women’s suffrage movement, women and allies took to the streets again on January 21st 2017, in protest against gender discrimination and in the name of equal rights. The event took place shortly after it was announced Donald Trump would be taking office as US President. It’s said to be the biggest one-day demonstration in American history.

Special Days Falling on January 21st

Here are a few more reasons why it’s worth marking January 21st in your calendar.
Dad jokes

One-Liners Day

Think you’re a comedian? Today’s the day to put your money where your mouth is! It’s One-Liners Day, which means now’s the time to crack out your best Dad jokes and to lighten up the room a little with some humor - no matter how daft the joke might be!

Colored socks

National Cheesy Socks Day

Who doesn’t love a good pair of novelty socks? January 21st is officially the best time of the year to crack out some cheesy socks - the sillier the better! Maybe you could have a competition at work or at home - and by cheesy, we don’t mean that they smell bad! Try and look for some multicolored pairs, or maybe a character design or two that appeal to you.

A bowl of soup

Soup Swap Day

It’s still cold enough to enjoy some super warming soup - and on January 21st, millions of people trade their own recipes and bowls in an attempt to taste something new and exciting! Why not fill up a crockpot of your own and see if you can trade it for a flavor or two you’ve been wanting to try for ages?

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