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🗓️ On This Day - January 22nd

We're heading towards mid-month in the new year now - and hopefully, some of you out there are still sticking to your resolutions! If not, don't worry - you won't be alone. But what if you have a special day to celebrate on January 22nd - are there any historical events or celebrity birthdays that you share? Let's take a look at some fun facts about January 22nd, and why it's no ordinary date in the calendar…

On this day

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria passed away.

Many people mourned on this day in 1901 when they learned of the death of Queen Victoria. Having inherited the throne at only 18, she gained great admiration for her wisdom and devotion to Great Britain - she reigned for 64 years, and was succeeded by her 59-year-old son Prince Edward Vll.

interesting facts about prohibition

The US' "Dry Bill" made it through Congress.

On January 22nd 1929, Congress introduced the “Dry Bill”, prohibiting the sale and/or purchase of alcohol. A key moment in modern US history, the era of Prohibition gave rise to lots of gangland activity… including the rise to infamy of noted mobster Al Capone!

facts about the Apollo moon landing

Apollo 5 took to the skies!

On January 22nd 1968, Apollo 5 - the precursor to 1969’s successful Moon landing - blasted off. The mission, which primarily took place to test ascent and descent, would pave the way for some fascinating and epoch-making moments in space exploration for years to come.

interesting facts about the Jumbo Jet 747

And that’s not the only flight!

Back on terra firma, the hugely important Boeing 747 took its maiden flight on January 22nd 1970. The very first scheduled trip for the commercial aircraft took place between New York and London - and it’d be relied on for flights all over the world for the decades to come.

woman holding her pregnant tummy

Roe V. Wade changed US legal history.

On January 22nd 1973, the US Supreme Court finally legalized abortion for women nationwide. The ruling, influenced by the crucial case of Roe v Wade, would establish mandated bodily rights for women with unwanted pregnancies for almost 50 years. Controversially, measures to remove the ruling (which resulted in some states outlawing abortion outright) unfolded in 2022.

Special Days Falling on January 22nd

Celebrating on January 22nd? Whether you are or not, here are a few interesting reasons to remember the date even more so…
hot sauce bottle

National Hot Sauce Day

Feeling hot, hot, hot! On January 22nd each year, millions of people brace themselves for a challenge and are advised to have a glass of milk handy to soften the blow - as it’s time to treat yourself with a spicy pepper sauce or two.

baby girl asleep

Celebration of Life Day

January 22nd is marked by many as the Celebration of Life Day, first ushered in by US President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. It’s on this day that families practice gratitude for their children and grandchildren - and other loved ones they’re lucky to have around!

yayoi kusama

National Polka Dot Day

It’s time to go “dotty” for some spectacular fashion! On January 22nd, millions have the great excuse to get togged up in polka dots. It’s a date that’s also linked closely with one of the most iconic wearers of the polka dot - Minnie Mouse!

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