🗓️ On This Day - January 23rd

It’s January 23rd - and while it may seem like “just another day” to a lot of people, there is a great deal to give thanks for today! Let’s dive into why you may want to remember 23rd January, whether you are already celebrating it for a private reason or not!

On this day

The Great Wall of China

A great dynasty took shape!

On January 23rd 1368, the Ming Dynasty in China began three centuries of rule in China. The ceremony of coronation took place for Zhu Yuanzhang to become Emperor this very day - and led to generations of similar leaders coming to the fore in the decades to pass.

flag of Tunisia

Tunisia took great strides to free its people.

On January 23rd 1846, Tunisia became the very first Arab nation to outlaw the practice of slavery outright. It was abolished by Ahmed I Bey. Thankfully, they haven’t looked back since!

under the counter medicine

Elizabeth Blackwell made history for women everywhere.

British practitioner Elizabeth Blackwell, born 1821, made history on this day back in 1849 - as she was the very first woman to graduate from a medical degree in the USA! Despite coming up against some adversity during her career, Blackwell would go on to enjoy a long and varied career, including helping the wounded in the North in the American Civil War.

Facts of Israel

Israel staked its claim.

Setting off a chain reaction of diplomatic concerns for years to come, it was on January 23rd 1950 when Israel first made its claim that Jerusalem was its capital city. To this day, there’s still division over who has the full right to the city.

facts about Elvis Presley

Rock on!!

Believe it or not, the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has only been running since 1986! It was on January 23rd 1986 when icons such as James Brown, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley - the King himself - were inducted into the pantheon. To this day, artists are still inducted every January, with recent nominees including Kate Bush and Missy Elliot.

Special Days Falling on January 23rd

Whether or not you’re marking a birthday or anniversary on January 23rd, there are still some important reasons why January 23rd should be remembered. Here are some interesting special occasions falling today…
Yummy mince pie dusted in icing sugar

National Pie Day

To celebrate his birthday, teacher Charlie Papazian saw his enthusiasm for pies become the source of a national celebration! Today, millions of Americans share sweet and savory pies, with candles in or not - and it’s been that way since around 1975. Why not pick a pie of your own and get stuck in?

write for us

National Handwriting Day

Still can’t get the hang of cursive? Today’s the day to start practicing! National Handwriting Day encourages people across the country to consider putting their phones away and to start writing down their musings. There’s still a lot of worth in keeping a physical diary and calendar - what if your phone battery runs down and you can’t find an outlet?

Feet with smily faces on the toes

National Measure Your Feet Day

Yes, believe it or not, if you’re looking to get measured for a new pair of shoes, today is absolutely the day to do it! Poor measuring can lead to all kinds of pains and strains - so book January 23rd in your calendar!

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