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🗓️ On This Day - January 27th

January 27th pulls us ever-closer to the end of January, and one further step towards the spring - the cold snap will be over soon! It may even be a special day for you or loved ones - but did you know it’s also a fairly important day looking back in history, too? In this quick guide, we’ll take you through some of the most interesting and important moments taking place on January 27th.

On this day

Native Americans

The Trail of Tears took place.

On January 27th, 1825, one of the most controversial moments in US history unfolded. Specifically, Native American people were forced to relocate elsewhere in the country after the “Indian Territory” was claimed by European settlers. The area’s now known as Oklahoma state.

Flag of Germany

Auschwitz was finally liberated.

Following the fall of Nazi Germany in World War II, January 27th marks the day that Auschwitz Concentration Camp was finally liberated by Soviet forces. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives and faced horrific torture as a result of the Nazi regime in camps such as these - it was a pivotal moment signifying the end of the war.

interesting facts about Elvis Presley

Elvis makes his mark!

January 27th 1956 saw the release of what would go on to be Elvis Presley's first-ever million-dollar record, "Heartbreak Hotel". To this day, it's one of his most recognizable songs, and certainly warranted the sales!

interesting facts about NASA

Apollo 1 faced disaster.

In a devastating blow to the Apollo 1 mission, NASA’s manned mission preparing for a Moon landing saw the deaths of three astronauts - as their main cabin caught fire while preparations were taking place.

The Hubble Telescope

The Outer Space Treaty was signed.

On January 27th 1960, the US, UK and Russia all signed the historically important Outer Space Treaty - which agreed between nations that exploration of space would remain peaceful, and that there would not be any military events taking place on celestial bodies! As we all know, space exploration only evolved from there on out.

Special Days Falling on January 27th

January 27th happens to have a few important occasions falling - and here are just a few of them to consider.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day is a crucial marking of the end of concentration camps that were set up by Nazi Germany during World War II. All over the world, millions of people remember the atrocities of those years, in the hope they may never be repeated again.

chocolate cake

National Chocolate Cake Day

Fancy a slice? There’s nothing quite as nice as sampling a lovely, gooey piece of chocolate cake - and on January 27th, you can indulge yourself without guilt. There always seems to be an official holiday or two based around chocolate - why is that? Guess we all love it so much!

Nat Geo

National Geographic Day

National Geographic is one of the most-read and subscribed-to magazines on the planet. On January 27th, millions celebrate the birth of the magazine, which is dedicated to helping its readers learn more about the wild and wonderful planet they reside on.

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