🗓️ On This Day - January 30th

We’re heading closer towards the end of January now - but as it happens, there’s still lots more to learn about today. Whether you’re celebrating a landmark birthday or anniversary, there are a few extra reasons why January 30th is such an important day for so many people. Let’s dive into why that’s the case!

On this day

cash register


Cash registers were first patented on this day all the way back in 1883! The patent holders, James Kitty and John Birch, changed the way we pay for goods and services - and while things are mostly digital now, we have a lot to thank the duo for.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler came to prominence.

Not wonderful news at all - but on January 30th 1933, Paul von Hindenburg - then President of Germany - made Adolf Hitler the country’s Chancellor. Regrettably, the rest was history.

facts about gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was tragically assassinated.

The iconic Mahatma Gandhi - one of India’s most famous leaders and teachers - was killed by an assailant on January 30th, 1948. Gandhi was held in high esteem by millions of people - his unassuming, gentle but firm manner, helped him achieve great things in social and political realms!

The Beatles crossing Abbey Road

The Beatles say farewell.

January 30th is an extremely important day for Fab Four fans everywhere - as it's when Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and George Harrison all performed together on the rooftop of Apple Corps Records in Savile Row, London. This impromptu gig is iconic to this day - and given Lennon's tragic murder in 1981, this 1969 concert really was the last time the quartet would perform together live.

Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday devastated families in Northern Ireland.

On January 30th, 1972, 13 people lost their lives - and 14 were injured - as a result of British paratroopers killing several Roman Catholic protestors in Derry, Northern Ireland. This event is known as Bloody Sunday - and it’s said to have led to a strengthening of the IRA against the British.

Special Days Falling on January 30th

Not celebrating a birthday or life event today? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some special days currently marked on January 30th, year after year.
france is famous for its croissants

National Croissant Day

Ever tucked into a crisp croissant before? Marie Antoinette introduced this pastry to France, and since then, all French boulangeries sell them. Nowadays, these crescent-shaped pastries are eaten all over the world! If you have never tasted one, they have a soft, doughy texture with an outer shell that easily flakes.

facts about gandhi

Martyrs’ Day

Today, Indian people celebrate the life of Mahatma Gandhi, who was tragically murdered on January 30th 1948. People inspired by his teachings and message of peace spread his wisdom on January 30th - offering plenty of chances for non-Indian nationals to learn more about the leader’s work and life.

facts about Dinosaurs

National Draw a Dinosaur Day

On a lighter note, it’s time to crack out the crayons! Believe it or not, January 30th is the perfect day to draw your best dinosaur - make it as scary or as cute as you like! This event is celebrated in schools across the US, helping kids to learn about their history as well as to flex some creative muscles.

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This month in history

King Harold took the throne in England! Following the passing of Edward the Confessor, Harold II became the new reigning monarch - and he was the last Anglo-Saxon to do so. Despite claiming the throne in January 1066, he would lose it ceremoniously at the Battle of Hastings, in October the same year. William the Conqueror, from there, would take the throne.

Famous Birthdays on January 30th

Franklin D Roosevelt, US President, born 1882

Phil Collins, English musician, born 1951

Christian Bale, Welsh actor, born 1974

Kid Cudi, American rapper, born 1984

Becky Lynch, Irish wrestler, born 1987

facts about Aquarius

If you were born on January 30th…

That’ll make you an Aquarius! You work hard, care deeply, and aren’t afraid to strut your stuff in whatever clothing you think makes you look great. You’re pretty independent, though you’re likely to find yourself surrounded by a few friends here and there!


You’re identified by the water-carrier in the Western Zodiac, and you’re an air sign.


Want to know more about what makes them tick? Take a look over at our Aquarius fact file!

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