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That’s a wrap for January! You made it through a whole month of the New Year, but the fun isn’t over yet. From an infamous train robbery to the very first winter Olympics, read on to learn about all the fun we’ve had on January 31st - and mark some historical events along the way.

On this day

Guy Fawkes' Discovery of the Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes bows out

On January 31st, 1606, infamous gunpowder plot leader Guy Fawkes was executed for conspiring to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Oddly enough, many British people celebrate the event every November with fireworks displays!

A Great Train Robbery!

The Gads Hill Train Robbery - which some may also know from history class as the Great Missouri Train Robbery, took place on January 31st 1874 in Gads Hill, Missouri. Five members of the James-Younger Gang robbed a train, escaping with $12,000 in cash. The robbery is remembered as one of the most notorious crimes committed by outlaws in the American Old West.

facts about the Olympic Games

Going for Gold!

In Chamonix, France in 1924, the first-ever winter Olympics opened. Six sports were included in the program: figure skating, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, ski jumping, Nordic combined, and speed skating. Over 250 athletes from 16 countries participated in the Games.

Space monkey Sam

Space Primates!

On January 31, 1961, Ham the chimpanzee became the very first primate to visit space when he was sent to space aboard the Mercury-Redstone 2 spacecraft. The mission was part of the US space program's efforts to determine the effects of space travel on living organisms. Ham traveled a distance of 158 miles and was in space for just over 16 minutes. Don’t worry - he made it back safe!

Family Guy

Funny Family

On January 31st 1999, we met the hilarious but dysfunctional Griffin family for the first time. Seth Macfarlane’s animated comedy launched on Fox and has since become one of its longest running and most popular shows.

The unique animation style, and irreverent comedy mixed with a hefty dose of pop culture references have made this cartoon a huge success, winning multiple awards!

Special Days Falling on January 31st

We’ve had a whole month of celebrating, and we aren’t finished yet! Here’s what to celebrate on January 31st!
hot chocolate

National Hot Chocolate Day

Likely created by the Mayans over 2000 years ago, there’s an inimitable comfort in a cup of hot chocolate! No one knows for certain why we choose to celebrate this luxurious beverage on the 31st of January, but we can’t dispute the fact that it’s the perfect pick-me-up for the chilly winter nights.

Backwards arrow

National Backwards Day

Have you ever thought things were too straightforward? Well today’s the day to switch things up as you celebrate National Backwards Day and start to do everything in “esrever”.

You can make things harder for yourself in a number of simple ways like walking backwards or even putting your clothes on back to front!

fun facts about congo

National Gorilla Suit Day

If you don’t think wearing your clothes back to front is whacky enough for your wardrobe, then up the stakes by monkeying around today in a Gorilla suit. That’s right, January 31st is National Gorilla Suit day! And no, we’ve no idea why!

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This month in history

Lydia Ko, a New Zealand pro golfer, celebrated in January 2015 - as she became the youngest golfer in history to be ranked No. 1 in the world at the age of 17. She won several major championships and held the No. 1 ranking for a total of 80 weeks. Ko's achievement was widely recognized and she was hailed as a prodigy in the world of golf.

Famous Birthdays on January 31st

Henri Desgrange, French cyclist, creator of the Tour de France, born 1865

Jersey Joe, American boxer, born 1914

Lorraine Warren, American paranormal investigator, born 1927

Virginia Ruzici, Romanian tennis player, born 1955

Kerry Washington, American actress, born 1977

facts about Aquarius

If you were born on January 31st…

If you were born January 31st, you are an Aquarius. The water-bearer of the Zodiac is confusingly an air sign! Forward-thinkers who don’t like being labeled Aquarians are unique and unpredictable personalities. They can be quite analytical which combined with their love for change can make them a little aloof at times, but they are deeply passionate and fun friends.

Want to know more about what makes them tick? Take a look over at our Aquarius fact file!

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