National Foam Party Day

📆 On This Day - June 15th

So, you’ve made it halfway through the month, and we’re proud of you! So, to celebrate, we think you should take the time to find out what makes June 15th so special. As it happens, it’s a day full of giant sharks, foam, and kite flying. Let’s get started…

On this day

Eclipse of the Moon

The Assyrians made an important note!

In the year 763 BC, the Assyrians recorded a solar eclipse. That record would then be used to fix the chronology of Mesopotamian history! It's likely helped us to learn more about how the celestial bodies help us to track time ever since.

facts about the magna carta

John signed the Magna Carta.

One of the UK’s most important civil rights documents, the Magna Carta, was signed on this very date back in 1215 by King John. It was signed in Runnymede, near Windsor, in England – and you can still visit the site where it was signed today!

a tsunami

A tsunami devastated Japan.

In 1896, a tsunami hit the Shinto festival on the beach at Sanriku in Japan. 27,000 people died, around 9,000 were injured, and 13,000 homes or more were destroyed.

France surrendered to the Nazis.

France surrendered to Nazi Germany on this date in 1940. German troops, therefore, occupied Paris, and France split in two. Thankfully, it wouldn't take long for Charles de Gaulle to rally the troops, and for Allied forces to liberate the country.

Mount Pinatubo eruption

Mount Pinatubo erupted.

In 1991, the Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines erupted. It was the second-largest volcanic eruption across the 20th Century! Better head for cover…!

Special Days Falling on June 15th

June 15th is a very important day for lots of people – and while it’s a day for foam parties and fans of big sharks, it’s also a day for reflection and awareness. Let’s take a look at why.
National Foam Party Day

National Foam Party Day

Who doesn’t love playing with foam? We all blew bubbles in the tub when we were kids, and to this day, as adults, many of us still do. Foam parties really capture that sense of fun – meaning if you find one near you today, you have an “official” excuse to get involved.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The fortunate among us will reach an age in life where we need to be supported and helped a little more than before. It’s a time when we should be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. However, sadly, we still live in a world where the older people among us are abused and degraded. It is, therefore, our duty to do what we can to protect them, cherish them, and ensure that no elderly person ever has to go through such distress. Take some time out today to show your older relatives you care.

National Megalodon Day

National Megalodon Day

Do you like sea animals? Do you like sharks? How about massive prehistoric sharks? Those would be called megalodons, and, yes, they were as cool as they sound. While thankfully, we do not have to worry about them being in our oceans today, it is definitely worth learning more about these impressive creatures and their time on this planet! Or, if you prefer, it's also worthwhile watching The Meg, starring Jason Statham… it's not a documentary, but it's fun all the same!

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This month in history

Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity! By flying a kite into a lightning storm in 1752, Franklin is said to have discovered the power of electricity completely by accident. However, we do not recommend trying this! In fact, doing so is literally deadly – though Franklin, thankfully, lived to help harness the power for us to enjoy centuries later.

Famous Birthdays on June 15th

Courtney Cox, American actress, born 1964

Ice Cube, American rapper, and actor, born 1969

Michael Doleac, American basketball player, born 1977

Nina Liu, Australian actress, born 1977

Derek Anderson, American football player, born 1983

Facts about Gemini

If you were born on June 15th…

…you’re a Gemini! You like dogs, long walks on the beaches, sunsets… ok, maybe not – but you’re smart, affable, and love making new friends! If you really want to learn about Geminis, then head over to our Gemini facts page!

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