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On This Day - June 8th

June 8th is by no means just another day in the calendar. It’s a brilliant day to start thinking about our gorgeous planet, to look back on some fascinating European history, and even to break out a bikini! Here’s everything we know about this fantastic date…

On this day

Facts of Italy

Italy was invaded.

Back in the year 452, Italy was first invaded by Attila the Hun. Attila was King and Chieftain of the Hunnic Empire and known for being a bloodthirsty warrior! Thankfully, most of our rulers these days are a little more diplomatic… if only just!


Vikings first landed in England.

In the year 793, Vikings from what is now known as Norway attacked St Cuthbert's monastery on Lindisfarne Island. They captured and killed monks in the process – they really weren’t known for their soft touch (and you’ll know that already from the TV series)!

Laki volcano

Laki caused chaos for the Icelandic.

In 1783, in Iceland, the Laki volcano erupted. Its eruption lasted for eight months and killed about 10000 people! The effects of the eruption also caused famine across Asia and Europe.

World Consumer Rights Day - March 15th

The Bill of Rights was introduced.

In 1789, the Bill of Rights was finally proposed in the US House of Representatives! The groundbreaking document was initially proposed by James Madison – and it’s important for laying down rules regarding press freedoms and civil liberties.

Nuclear Power Station Cooling Tower

New Zealand said no!

On June 8th, 1987, New Zealand legislated against nuclear weapons and even nuclear-powered vessels nationwide. They are the only nation to legislate fully against nuclear power ever – though Sweden, for example, has taken steps to crack down over the years!

Special Days Falling on June 8th

June 8th is an odd day for a few reasons, but still an important one! Here are just a scant few of the most interesting and important occasions being marked today.

World Brain Tumor Day

Sadly, even now, we have so much to learn about brain tumors and how to treat them. Although healthcare professionals work tirelessly every day helping those affected by brain tumors, there is still so much work left to be done! So, today, take the time to look into the different kinds of brain tumors that occur, who they affect, and what you can personally do to help those affected.

The Arctic Ocean

World Oceans Day

We really do only get one planet – and we only have a limited number of gorgeous oceans to enjoy. Yet, we have proven to be more than irresponsible with our oceans and all of their inhabitants. Today's a good day to start looking into the plight our oceans face – and what we can all do to help us turn the tide of plastic damage. If you can, why not step out and head to a local beach or two where you can help pick up the trash? Even doing a little here and there can make a big difference!

National Bootlegger’s Day

National Name Your Poison Day

We all have our preferences when it comes to drinks, and, for those of us who can drink alcohol, we know what we like! So, on National Name Your Poison Day, head over to your favorite bar with a group of your favorite people and indulge in your favorite poison! However, always drink responsibly, and never drink and drive! Just because you want and should have a good time does not mean that your fun should in any way negatively affect anyone else!

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