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📅 On This Day - June 9th

Pies, fictional ducks, international relations – it's a wonder that June 9th isn't better known on the calendar! You may already be celebrating a birthday or an anniversary today - but whether you are or not, there are plenty more reasons to mark June 9th as a date to remember. Let's dive into what we know and why you should pay attention today!

On this day

Map of Australia

We found out more about Australia.

In 1803, British explorer Matthew Flinders finally arrived in Sydney, having circumnavigated Australia. He was the first person in known history to ever circumnavigate the country, and in so doing, proved that it is indeed a continent (technically)!

Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill

Two of the war’s most important men met for the first time.

In 1940, General Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill met for the first time. The two would become allies in the war, with Churchill allowing de Gaulle to remain in the UK during the war to boost his troops using the BBC as a message relay service!

Bhumibol Adulyadej

Thailand gained a new monarch.

In 1946, Bhumibol Adulyadej became the King of Thailand. He gained his new role following the death of his brother, King Ananda Mahidol.

Bob Dylan got a degree!

Bob Dylan got a degree!

In 1970, Bob Dylan was granted an honorary Doctorate of Music at Princeton University. The singer remains one of the most celebrated songwriters of all time, though in recent years, he’s not best-known for accepting awards in person!

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox made history!

In 2014, Laverne Cox became the first-ever transgender person to appear on the front cover of "Time" Magazine – a huge milestone that will likely stand important for many years to come.

Special Days Falling on June 9th

If you feel like celebrating today, then why not bake a pie, make a new friend, or imitate a duck? You can easily do all of these things all year round, of course… but today, you can do so with pride.
National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

Strawberries and rhubarb pies aren't necessarily the most popular (as pies go). However, given today's the official day of celebration for this sweet treat, why not look up a recipe online and try it yourself? It's a pretty unique blend of flavours.

Donald Duck

National Donald Duck Day

Who isn't aware of Donald Duck? Even if you've never watched him on TV, you may well be able to do an impression! It's Donald Duck Day today because the aggressive quacker made his animated debut on this day all the way back on June 9th, 1934, in "The Wise Little Hen." For all Mickey Mouse may be more iconic, Donald Duck's always there to pick up the slack… or is that quack?

Filipino-Chinese Friendship

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day

There happens to be quite a bit of history between China and the Phillippines, and today marks a day when both nations consider the unique bond they share – they've made a number of trade and postal agreements over the years, for example, that have benefited both nations. Why not read up on their shared history if you're curious today?

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